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To: Ms Jordan Crugnale MP

Save Woolamai School Plantation

Please remove the Woolamai school plantation from the Victorian Government Land Sales list to preserve the only densely inhabited pocket of bush in the region.

Why is this important?

This small pocket of bush rings every morning with a dense chorus of birds taking refuge in our open farming landscape.

This 2ha wild place is a left over remnant from the early 20th century practice of school children having 'bush classrooms', planting and growing timber plantations. School plantations had the dual purpose of connecting children to nature and creating trees for sale to State Forestry as an additional, locally controlled income for schools. Left unattended after the school closed, it is now essential habitat.

Please take it off the sales list and allow it to remain a rare place that gives priority to wildlife. It is vital to the local and travelling birds, reptiles, mammals and insects of the region.

Keeping it is a small gesture with a large impact for a long time. And continues to secure the investment of the children who planted and nurtured this place.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver them in person

720 Turnbull-Woolamai Rd, Woolamai VIC 3995, Australia

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