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To: The department of education and Palm beach state school tuckshop

Remove sugar filled toxic “foods” from Palm Beach tuck shop and bring back allergy friendly options

Our concerns are now rectified.

Recently our wonderful, wholesome school tuckshop was changed. We have already spoken with the school admin regarding this matter and hoping to take this to the department to have this menu adjusted for the benefit of the students.

The “popular” items which are the biggest concern include the sugar and additive filled slushies that are marketed as natural but contact numerous additives and processed concentrates, TNT sour ice blocks and flavoured waters.
Items such as these are not appropriate in a primary school environment where children as young as 4 can access them.

The allergy friendly foods have been reduced dramatically now with only 1-2 gluten free/ dairy free options. Ingredients are no longer clearly listed for parents of allergy children to know what is in meals. Sushi has been removed. Refined sugar free and dairy free items have been removed and fruit or vege options are extremely limited. The menu consists now of a carb dairy and meat heavy offering with very limited living foods.

Not only has this new menu discriminated and excluded children with allergies and dietary requirements but there is a giant gap now without nutrient dense food options which is exactly what our children need to be offered.

Why is this important?

Our children’s developing minds and bodies are something to be nourished and nurtured. By riddling their bodies with sugar, additives, preservatives and colourings is EXTREMELY detrimental to their ability to learn and concentrate.
This is backed by years of scientific literature showing the behavioural developmental delays and outbursts that these additives do to our children. Sugar is more addictive then illicit drugs and causes immense destruction to growing bodies and brains.
A treat every now and then is a wonderful part of life but it’s wildly concerning for a learning environment to offer and suggest these “foods” as appropriate for consumption every single day to children as young as 4 years old.

Our school is our main community and something we should be so proud of and always were.

This new change is extremely disappointing and terribly concerning.
The consent to our children consuming these junk items daily causing behavioural and physical issues in or children is not something we give!

We are asking for the removal of these known detrimental junk items from the school menu and to include more allergy friendly and wholesome food - just like the previous menu options provided.
13/19 Nineteenth Ave, Palm Beach QLD 4221, Australia

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Hi All!

Thank you for the incredible support. We have now removed all the questionable items from our school tuckshop and sushi will be returning in term 4!

I truly wonderful result yay!

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