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To: Shoalhaven Council

Residents for Safe Streets to School: Shoalhaven

Please separate our kids from fast-moving traffic so they can walk or ride to school safely. We are asking within 2km of every school in the LGA for:
-Pedestrian priority crossings and footpaths on streets with speed limits 40km/h and higher
-30km/h speed limits for streets where there are no pedestrian priority crossings or footpaths

Why is this important?

The kids of Shoalhaven deserve to walk or ride to school safely just like we did growing up in Australia.

Walking to school improves kids' fitness and independence. However, they are often driven over short distances to school by parents. Parents perceive that their child's journey to school is unsafe on part of or on their whole journey.

As a result, our streets are subject to tens of thousands more car trips every year, making them even less safe and clogging up roads with unnecessary traffic during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

Streets without footpaths and crossings with speed limits higher than 30km/h are not considered safe by Australia's safe system approach.

The Case for crossings:
Research shows that children cannot judge gaps in traffic consistently when cars go faster than 30km/h to safely cross a street
On streets where there are no footpaths and crossings, reducing the car speed to 30km/h would prevent most accidents: the stopping distance for a car traveling 30km/h is 13m. Stopping distance for a car traveling 50km/h is 37m. The risk of death or serious injury if hit at 30km/h is less than 10%; compared to 90% if hit at 50km/h. It is an unreasonable risk to place our children in harms way on their journey to school.



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