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To: Stonnington Council

Safety for children and dogs in Ardrie Park

Wendy has handed the petition to the local council to table. Stay posted for more news on this!

Construct a child and dog proof barrier at rear entrance/exit at Ardrie Park.
Ardrie Park is increasingly popular - for dogs off leash and for the children’s playground. A framed wire gate similar to the fencing, could be attached to the vehicle gate. A simple latched pedestrian gate to the side of this is also required.

Why is this important?

Children and fur babies safety is extremely important.
Excited children and puppies frequently dash towards the rear exit of Ardrie Park.
Some run onto the road before parents can catch up. Cars often travel at speed along this road. Neighbours have witnessed scary near misses. A safety barrier and gate to prevent a likely traumatic accident is important.

Malvern East VIC 3145, Australia

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