To: Whittlesea Council

Save Peter Hopper Lake and our wildlife

Restore the water quality of Peter Hopper lake to return it to being a green space our community can enjoy, where animals can thrive.

Why is this important?

Our wildlife are dying because the Lake is diseased, and the water is toxic. The lake has been fenced off for 20 months, Council have done nothing. 22 baby signets have died over this time, dead birds surround the lake, resident turtles are coming onto land, dead carp are floating in the water. Another signet died last week, and my daughter has just received a call about another one dying.
It's sad, and it's wrong. We need to let the Council know we need to get this fixed. please sign our petition and share with your friends - the more the better.

How it will be delivered

Deliver them in person.

Redleap Ave, Mill Park VIC 3082, Australia

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