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To: John Barilaro MP, Matt Kean MP, Robert Stokes MP & the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Save Rylstone Region from Coal Exploration

The NSW Department of Planning is conducting a Provisional Regional Issues Assessment (PRIA) to decide whether to issue coal exploration licences in the Rylstone region. The PRIA is the only time public engagement is sought. Public submissions close on 18 August, 2021. After this step, the public has no further input.

Please stop this process now. The community does not want a new coal mine here. The world does not want more coal mining. We need to reduce our carbon emissions not create more. Save our untouched region.

Why is this important?

The rural greenfields, pristine bushland and forests in the region borders the Wollemi National Park, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The region is home to endangered flora and fauna, prime agricultural lands, and precious water sources. These are all under threat, along with people’s homes, livelihoods, and the region’s tourism industry, which are impacted just by the uncertainty of a new coal mine.

There are more than enough existing mines to meet the demand for coal. In fact, the demand is so low that these mines are operating well under capacity. Our major markets are decreasing their use of our coal. The NSW Government is projecting ever decreasing global demand for coal. There is no future for coal.

This is the wrong time for new coal mines, and absolutely the wrong place.

Rylstone NSW 2849, Australia

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