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To: Mr Bill Roche, Mrs Imelda Roche, Mr Damian Roche, Mr Dominic Roche, Mr Wes Van der Gardener

Save the Aboriginal Butterfly Cave

Roche Group must revise Stage 7 of their subdivision plan for Appletree Grove Estate at West Wallsend NSW to protect the ancient Awabakal Butterfly Cave and it's contextual bushland setting.

Why is this important?

An important Awabakal women’s place – The Butterfly Cave – is at real and immediate risk of damage from a subdivision being built 20m/65ft away. It's contextual bushland setting will be destroyed.
If we lose the Butterfly Cave it will be an environmental and cultural tragedy.
We have witnessed the destruction of too many precious sites in bush and city Australia. The desecration must stop and it must stop NOW.
Women's business matters!


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