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To: Cumberland City Council - Mayor & Councillors.

Save the John Street Lidcombe Council Car Park

We the Residents of Cumberland City Council call on Council to keep our car park public and free.

Why is this important?

The John Street Council Car Park is an important asset to our Community. Our small businesses rely on the Council Car Park for customer parking. Without easy access to parking customers don't stop and shop.

Our Seniors and less Mobile Residents need the Car Park for access to Medical Appointments and the Chemist. Rapid expansion of High Rise Development in Lidcombe has increased our need for public car parking. John Street under normal conditions is congested and street parking is in greater demand.
A reduction in train connections to neighboring suburbs encourages residents to drive and join the train in Lidcombe.

Our Community can't rely on Developers to provide our infrastructure.

Lidcombe NSW 2141, Australia

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2022-03-05 14:36:06 +1100

100 signatures reached

2021-10-25 14:27:55 +1100

Thank you for supporting our Community in Lidcombe, Cumberland Councillors voted to stop the sale of our important community asset the Council Car Park in John St Lidcombe. The vote was 7 Councillors opposing the sale (6 Labor and Independent Greg Cummings), Liberal and OLC Councillors were in favour of the sale with 1 Liberal Councillor abstaining because of a perceived conflict of interest.
The item was dealt with in closed session, despite Covid restrictions over 200 signatures were presented to Council in hard copy and a large number of written submissions, we are keeping the online Petition open in the event of a rescission motion. Again, we give you our heartfelt thanks for supporting our cause.

2021-10-11 08:02:13 +1100

50 signatures reached

2021-10-05 14:05:43 +1100

25 signatures reached

2021-10-02 21:31:49 +1000

10 signatures reached