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To: ACT Government / YMCA

Stop community facility zoned (CFZ) block surrounded by Bill Pye Park having medium density housing!

Stop community facility zoned (CFZ) block surrounded by Bill Pye Park having medium density housing!

Stop community facility zoned (CFZ) block surrounded by Bill Pye Park having medium density housing! The proposal is for a ten unit complex on a small 1800 sqm block. There are only three of these blocks in Ainslie, including the Baker Gardens Pre-school.

This is far greater density than allowed on surrounding private land and will have a big impact on local residents. If Government wants to build medium density public housing it should be on land zoned medium density residential. There are blocks available. Stop selling public housing land to developers and using community facilities land to replace it.

The community should be consulted about potential alternative uses for the site - not just one non-government organisation. Uses that support strengthening the community by bringing people together, these could include – meeting rooms for small groups, mothers groups, people’s shed, learning and art groups, outreach services, running clubs, gardening groups. Artist’s studio. Environmental Centre. Community Garden plots. CWA type group.

Instead the only proposal presented is demolition of the existing building and replacement with residential units. Once the buildings are demolished this potential is gone.

Give community land back to the community!!

​The site/building was originally designed into the Park as a pre-school (like Baker Gardens, Ainslie). When the preschool closed it was given to a non-government organisation to use as office space. This organisation is now proposing to demolish the existing facilities and build 10 residential units. This proposed development will have a significant impact on the local residents and the Ainslie Community more generally....

- Loss of Community Facility Land and integration with the Park.
- Building at 3 times the density allowed on surrounding residential land (RZ1).
- Impact on residents – noise, traffic, parking, congestion and changed streetscape.
- Environmental impact – loss of trees and landscaping, increased heat, light pollution, increased energy load.
- Loss of heritage and suburban design.

We are not opposed to social housing but believe it should be on residential land and that community facilities land should be retained to engage, enrich and provide important facilities for the local community use. The local residents are seeking a number of actions to be taken by the Planning Authority (or responsible area of the ACT Government) to help protect Community Facilities for social and community uses:

- Moratorium on social housing developments on CFZ land while a review and needs analysis is undertaken;
- CFZ land is captured by the Multi Unit Housing Development Code and any residential development be required to meet the closest or surrounding residential zoning (example RZ1 in Ainslie); and,
- Master Plan for the medium and long-term development in Ainslie.

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Why is this important?

We believe that the integrity of the ACT statutory planning system is under threat. The YWCA is proposing to replace the community facility at Block1 Section 87 Ainslie with a ten unit supported residential development. There is currently no residential units on Section 87. The ACT Planning system will not protect this community facility from demolition and, in fact, the legislation encourages the replacement of community facilities by supported accommodation.

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