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To: The Board of Governors at Frensham Schools

Stop the Destruction of Wildlife Habitat in Mittagong!

Stop the Destruction of Wildlife Habitat in Mittagong!

The proposed location for the Frensham School's “Bush Cabins” is in a vital habitat corridor. The required clearing for the cabins, the bushfire Asset Protection Zone, and the two bushfire access roads and bridge will result in widespread destruction and death to many of the rescued wildlife that have been released into this area as well as the loss of hundred of trees.

Please amend this DA and build the cabins on land that is already cleared.

Why is this important?

To make way for the cabins, 4.2 hectares will be cleared and 249 trees will be cut down. Wombats are to be removed from the area and fenced out.

Two new access roads, sufficient to carry fully-loaded fire trucks with 4 metres cleared on each side, are to be built.

A new bridge strong enough to support the weight of loaded fire trucks will be constructed over water inhabited by platypus.

Help us save this precious habitat corridor for Frensham's future students and the Southern Highlands community.

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to the Board of Frensham Schools.

Range Rd, Mittagong NSW 2575, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • This seems like a ludicrous way to teach environmental ethics to the next generation let alone the insult to young minds already campaigning for the right to a better, healthy and biodiverse future for all. What an extraordinary opportunity for valuable environmental and natural sciences education within the grounds. It is completely counter intuitive to the long term value of life and education.
  • 2nd fastest rate of mammalian extinction on the planet. Only Jair Bolsinaro is better at it. Australian culture is regressive, means and selfish and is getting more primitive everyday. Without change soon it will all be gone and no one will come. We will a backwards arid, denuded dust bowl at the bottom of the planet. The envy of no one. With nothing to offer anyone.
  • You can't protect our wildlife by destroying their habitat or removing them from their homes. This complete lack of common sense needs to be stopped!!!


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We are raising money to campaign against the proposed location of the Frensham School's “Bush Cabins” which will be in a vital habitat corridor in Mittagong. The money raised will help us pay for advertising, signs and flyers to inform our community about this proposed development.

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