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To: Mr Paul Mitchell, Chair NRPP NSW

Stop Iron Gates! An unsuitable development for Evans Head

The Iron Gates Residential Subdivision, is a bad idea in the wrong place. This development will damage a sensitive environment, devastate a place of high cultural significance to the Bandjalang people, overburden Evans Head’s village infrastructure and spoil “the Jewel of the Richmond Valley”. DA 2015/0096 has been under consideration for over seven years. The threat to our village must stop. We ask that:

1. The Northern Regional Planning Panel NSW (NRPP) refuse this satellite development because it is unsuitable in this location. It will damage our fragile river system and is not in character with the village style of Evans Head.

2. That the Northern Regional Planning Panel (NRPP) insist on adequate and current consultations with the Bandjalang people and Traditional Custodians of the Land be conducted before DA 2015/0096 is considered.

3. The NRPP reject DA 2015/0096 because of the very high fire risk of the location and its proximity to the Dept. of Defence’s Air Weapons Range.

4. The NRPP reject DA 2015/0096 based on the high level of opposition from the local community.

Why is this important?

G’day, I’m Ian Rankin, bringing you this petition on behalf of The Evans Head Residents for Sustainable Development Inc:

A developer wants to profit from building a very large housing estate at a sensitive location on the Evans River Estuary. I am calling on like-minded residents and visitors to help protect Evans Head from this irresponsible development.

My late Mum opposed a similar development at the same location in 1990’s. It is back again, with a new company name (GOLDCORAL Pty Ltd) but the same Director (Mr Graeme Ingles). I ask you to please sign this petition to help save our village.

Evans Head is a tranquil coastal village, surrounded by National Parks and major Crown Land Reserves. It is a place that visitors love and outside of holiday times it has fewer than 3000 residents. It boasts wonderful natural landscapes, a safe, small-community atmosphere and a beautiful river.
DA 2015/0096 seeks to build a satellite housing subdivision in a sensitive coastal environment which is a mix of native vegetation, wetlands and rainforest.

There have been unsuccessful attempts to build a satellite housing development on the Evans River at this location since 1988. The Developer’s current company is using recently changed laws to try his luck again. He seeks to profit from a poorly designed, environmentally destructive, Gold Coast style housing project, which is completely unsuited to Evans Head.

The Evans River, already under environmental pressure will suffer irreversible consequences if this development proceeds. There will be more pollution in the River. The beauty of the natural environment will be damaged. Endangered fish, habitat and fauna populations (including Koalas) will be threatened. NSW Fisheries advises there should be a 40 metre set back of housing from the River. The developer wants a 10 metre setback.

The Iron Gates area is a precious and meaningful place of high cultural significance for traditional Bandjalang custodians and Aboriginal people of the wider Bundjalung Nation. It includes both ceremonial and massacre sites. The riverfront is subject to Federal Court Native Title Determinations recognising the rights of the Bandjalang people. The developer acknowledges the presence of middens within the project area. He has bulldozed sites of significance in the past. The Developer is currently relying on an inadequate consultation processes, to seek to silence the voices of the custodians of this land.

Evans Head is very special. It truly is the ‘jewel’ of the Richmond Valley. If you enjoy fishing, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling or boating in our river, this could greatly impact you. Sign this petition to let the Northern Regional Planning Panel know that this development is unsuitable at this location. We would like to close the Iron Gates area to inappropriate development, once and for all. We wish to preserve the natural state of our river, protect our wildlife and respect the cultural heritage of the site.

Thank you for your support, please sign the petition now and pass it on to others who have an interest in preserving this important site.

Authorised by Evans Head Residents for Sustainable Development Inc.
Inc No.: INC1401720 ABN: 26930583788. PO Box 19 EVANS HEAD NSW 2473

Evans Head NSW 2473, Australia

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