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To: Rob Stokes, Minister of Planning NSW

Stop Over-Development on Public Recreation play fields in Lane Cove

The Sydney North Planning Panel has just revoked the 2nd and issued a 3rd Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) for Development at 266 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove.

The clause removed specifies height restrictions required for compatibility with the surrounding property uses. It was based on a comprehensive SCC report by Planning NSW (Nick Armstrong Report) taking into consideration 3yrs of submissions. There is no change in the surrounding environment, so there is no basis for changing compatibility requirements.

The change is perceived to be driven by either political influence or collusion between SNPP, LCC and AU to make the SCC fit a new non-compliant design currently under review, prior to the SNPP public hearing.

The questionable change has lead to the loss off public confidence in the integrity, impartiality and independence of the SNPP and its ability to make just and unbiased determinations.

Revoke the new SCC , issued on 10th June 2021 and fall back to the previous well formulated SCC (SCC_2019_LANEC_002-00) issued on 28th May 2020.

Investigate the cause for such inconsistent, unpredictable and changing determinations which has lead to the loss of public confidence in the independence, impartiality and integrity of the SNPP determinations.

Why is this important?

Australian Unity (AU) and Lane Cove Council (LCC) plan to build a 7 storey 160 unit seniors and aged care complex on public recreation play fields at 266 Longueville rd, Lane Cove. The AU proposal is grossly incompatible in height, bulk, scale and built form with the well-established surrounding residences and the Development Control Plan for the site.

The idea to build units on recreation play fields has been strongly opposed by the public. However, LCC has a $34 M interest by a 99yr lease to AU and is seen to enable maximising profits, instead of performing its usual role of protecting the surrounding Environment conservation zone and 46 families that surround the property.

It shut down the Commissioner Eric Armstrong Public Hearing, when the commissioner deferred his decision pending an assessment by LCC to ensure the land is not required for future recreational needs. It then removed the “Bush Fire Prone” zoning of the land, to remove asset protection zones and increase foot print. It supported the development exceeding the councils own LEP height restriction and destruction of trees in the Environment conservation zone passing through the property.

The clause removed, was formulated by the SNPP themselves. Therefore it is fully aware of what is required for compatibility. It restricts 5 levels overlooking the Golf course and re-states the height restriction and built form on the LEP to ensure no height differential with the low density residences 12m away.

The amenity of the golf course and 46 residences with boundaries to these play fields are severely affected by the incompatible and uncontrolled profit maximisation of this over development. It is an injustice to the surrounding families.

Demand independence, consistency and integrity from the Sydney North Planning Panel by signing this petition, now! Please spread the word!

How it will be delivered

To Be Announced.

Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia

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