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To: The New South Wales Government

Stop the Blue Mountains Luxury Resort/Crocodile Park/Zoo

Halt all progress on the purchase of land and building of the Blue Mountains Luxury Resort/Crocodile Park/Zoo

Why is this important?

Apart from the environmental impact of extra tourist traffic in precious bushland, the introduction of yet another tourist hotel/resort, as well as an artificial crocodile park and zoo, are the last things The Blue Mountains National Park needs.

Zoos are mainly entertainment for humans, at the expense of animals’ peace and freedom. Being viewed by noisy human crowds imposes stress onto animals with no choice of escape.

The Blue Mountains are rich with native fauna, despite numbers hit by 2020’s cataclysmic bushfires. We do not need to cage free animals for our selfish viewing pleasure! And another luxury resort for the rich? Please! 🙄

We need to stop this NOW!

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

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2021-04-13 08:20:23 +1000

Hi folks! If you’d like to help increase numbers outside of Facebook, please click on this link, download and print the file, and distribute posters throughout The Blue Mountains and beyond. Public notice-boards, cafés, etc would be ideal. Thanks! 😁

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