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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Public Schools Should Receive More Funding than Private Schools

The Federal Budget has been announced. It stipulates that private schools will receive $20.6 billion more than public schools over the next four years. This decision is in line with previous Liberal budgeting provisions.

The Morrison Government should give MORE to public schools - the institutions that actually need it.

Why is this important?

Such financial policies further exacerbate rising economic and social inequality, which is one of the greatest threats society faces. It sends the message to less advantaged young people that they don't matter as much as others.

The Government wishes to spend $5 billion more per annum on those children who happen to be born into fortunate families. This is a kick in the guts to the working class, who also want the best for their families.

This government once again wants to prop up incredibly wealthy institutions, at the expense of fairness and equality for the majority of the emerging generation. Let's show them we won't have it!


2021-05-21 04:43:43 +1000

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