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To: The Federal Parliament of Australia

The Better Democracy Charter

The Better Democracy Charter

The charter is an ever changing document based on the input of its supporters. This is the current form, as of November 2020:

We desire the following to occur so as to better our democracy:

1. A democratic online voting platform will be used to determine and draft up to ten issues to be voted upon by citizens when they go to vote in Federal elections, so as to clearly express the will of the people on important issues and policy.

2. When in Parliament politicians must act in a more collaborative and mature manner as stipulated in an updated and strengthened code of conduct.

3. Following a federal election the nominated Prime Minister cannot be prematurely removed from that position by their government colleagues alone, instead only by losing the confidence of the House of Representatives.

4. All promises made in election campaigns must be entered into a document with the Electoral Commission, for greater clarity and accountability.

5. Political donations must be given by individual Australian citizens, be capped and flow through the Electoral Commission which publishes the amount given, who is donating and to whom, before release of funds.

6. To increase the power and role of literal free speech between people, election campaign mass media advertising (print, radio, television and digital) is to be banned due to its inherently deceptive, one-sided, expensive and corrupting nature.

7. Public financing of election campaigns is to be evenly allotted to candidates (who meet a community-set standard) prior to elections. Current public financing entrenches the powerful (nearly $70 Million in 2019, with 79% going to The Coalition/Labor) and being unavailable to those candidates most in need of it as it is only awarded after an election.

8. As expressed in the ‘Uluru Statement From The Heart’ a First Nations Voice is to be enshrined in the Constitution and a Makarrata Commission to be established.

9. A federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is to be established.

10. It be made illegal- and considered corruption- for politicians to lie to the Australian people. It will be at the discretion of federal ICAC as to if, when and how to address these offenses.

Why is this important?

Ordinary Australians need more power in our system, and the Charter makes fundamental, specific and actionable requests to improve things, whilst also offering an example of how the grassroots can better organise for power, and for change.

The Charter is a living document, and so can change as needed. We campaign to see the requests made in the charter are implemented, and when they are another issue is drafted to be campaigned on.

This shifts some power and importance from politicians and the media back into the domain of the people as a whole. In signing this petition, you'll be taking some power back.


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