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To: Sutherland Shire Council

Upgrade Como Dog Park

With the number of registered dogs increasing within the Sutherland Shire and very few off leash areas, without time restrictions available, we urge that a much needed and long overdue upgrade be made to Carina Bay Reserve.
Some of the changes we, as rate payers, are asking for include;
1. Making the whole of Carina Bay Reserve an off leash area.
Taking into consideration not only the growing number of dogs in the Shire, but also that dogs are the main users of this reserve, horses only use part of the reserve a handful of times per year. On these ocassions only, we request the current leash/off leash restrictions be made applicable.
2. Water bubblers with dog bowls attached at the bottom, such as the ones at kurnell.
3. A wider entrance and a footpath be made over the extremely uneven ground, to ensure the safety and accessibility to it's users. This will make the reserve inclusive of all; including those using, wheelchairs, prams, walking frames/sticks etc.
4. Garbage bins at both entrances/exits of the reserve.
5. Adequate fencing to ensure safety of dogs. The road that runs along the dog park is a fairly busy, 'speedy' road and the gates that have been installed are quite pointless as the dogs just go around them.

Why is this important?

We have only a handful of places in the Shire where the community and their dogs can enjoy some off leash playtime.
Carina Bay reserve/Como Dog Park is probably the best of the lot but is still not good enough.
It is long overdue for a face lift and for the off leash restrictions to be changed.
With the number of registered and unregistered dogs continually increasing, we need better facilities and more space.
We also want this space to be made inclusive for all walks of life.
If you agree with the changes that we are trying to make, please help us by signing this petition.

Sutherland Shire, NSW, Australia

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