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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

We need a Clean Recovery now!

Hello Mr Morrison,
It sounds strange to say but current Climate Change is not a political issue, but desperately needs all Politicians to lead the many aspects of our lives it is capable of destroying; and that come under Political Responsibility. It might not be nice for any Prime Minister to leave a legacy to his own, and all our children’s children et al, to cope with an avoidable damaged world without at least being recorded as trying to help decrease carbons.
I find it sad that young people find politics and politicians a dirty word worldwide. It would be sad if politicians leave a dirty world to unborn-yet young people. We are all very grateful that you picked up the phone and asked for guidance from medical scientists and doctors to help us cope with Covid 19. That is why I am asking you to pick up the phone for guidance from Tim Flannery and the others and ask for their guidance .
Can you lead your party to travel with the rest of the world and give us clean and cheaper power; work with architects to make old and new buildings more energy efficient; help introduce cleaner transport; guide coal workers to new jobs that renewable energy will create. I feel this is not an expense but an investment for our children and their lineal generations.
Yours hopefully,
Greta Mula
November 2020

Why is this important?

A Clean Recovery will make energy cleaner and cheaper, and create more jobs than dangerous fossil fuels like methane gas.

Australia can be a clean energy superpower, proudly exporting energy from our wind, waves and sun. We can power our businesses and homes with solar, make our houses more affordable and energy efficient, and restore the natural landscapes we love.

To make it a reality, we need widespread support from key politicians and community members across the country.

Sign the petition for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs for people across the country.



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