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To: Wodonga City Council

Wodonga Council - Take Action on Climate Change!

Set a target for council of net-zero carbon emissions by 2035 at the latest.

Why is this important?

The federal government is letting us down on this issue. We need all local governments to take a leadership role if we are to avoid the worst outcomes of climate change and have a liveable future for our children. Nearby Indigo Shire has declared a Climate Emergency. So has Albury City Council. Alpine Shire has committed to net-zero by 2023. Tell our councillors we want them to take this issue seriously and keep our city liveable, by taking urgent action to reach net-zero emissions as soon as possible.

How it will be delivered

Once covid restrictions permit, we intend to deliver this petition in person to the council. We would welcome community members to attend with us if interested and would invite local media along.

Wodonga VIC, Australia

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2021-08-28 12:07:16 +1000

I am so encouraged by your messages of support. But the council won't consider petitions unless they represent a significant proportion of the community, so now we all really need to try to get our networks involved. I thank you all for your interest in the petition and the future of our city

2021-07-23 00:23:32 +1000

150 signatures is fantastic! So happy my community has got behind this campaign. Just another 50 signatures and we will be presenting the petition to council - or once we open up and it's safe to do so. Thanks everyone who has helped by signing and sharing.

2021-06-24 07:43:40 +1000

100 signatures reached

2021-05-19 10:48:20 +1000

50 signatures reached

2021-04-26 20:45:36 +1000

25 signatures reached

2021-04-25 16:11:35 +1000

10 signatures reached