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  • Greensborough
    Beautify Banyule parks in Greensborough
    Our public parks are important places , but they are sad , empty spaces most if the time . The main park for community use is the RSL Memorial park and the playground and gardens next to it are lovely . The rest of the park has been poorly maintained and cared for . It should be nurtured and made into a beautiful communal space and meeting place complimenting the neighbouring community facilities . Same with parks throughout Greensborough where lawns are watered on the ovals and rubbish is thrown around and into the river near the tennis courts . We need seating and shelter throughout the parks in the main precinct and ideally benches everywhere . All busstops should have shelters and seating . Greensborough has a business and retail precinct that would benefit immensely with beautiful parks like in Heidelberg . People need safe outdoor spaces where they can rest , meet up with people , eat and take their kids and dogs safely. That means CTV cameras , lighting and pet friendly dispensers for poo bags and water like in Altona beach and other parks and sculptures , water features and a water fountain to discourage people using single use plastic water bottles and lots of bins for Kentucky and Macdonalds etc
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    Created by Romana Podhorodecki