To: Banyule Shire

Beautify Banyule parks in Greensborough

We have sad neglected parks that abutt sports ovals and are fill of litter with not enough bins both rubbish and recycling and inadequate seating without sheltered areas .
The RSL Memorial park next to Woolworths and the Senior Citizens buildings is tragic . It has a beautiful period gazebo with a concrete floor but no seating . Please can you put benches in it .
The park has a BBQ with no shelter anywhere and please can you build a large shelter with seating underneath the perimeter so please can sit around it
With shade and ground cover and lighting at night .
Please can you put shelter over the existing exposed metal table and benches so there is shade and protection from the elements.
Please can you put bins in every corner to discourage littering .
Please can you repair the sad , patched lawn and water it so its lush and attractive .
Please can you put do not litter signs everywhere announcing that this a community park for families and all to enjoy .
Please would you consider a water feature to create a centrepiece in a very dry , patched park .
Please could you consider the land with beautiful trees next to the toilet block that is vacant and unused for a community garden to encourage participation and pride in the area .
It is a Food share and Meals on Wheels community service based next to the Senior Citizens room which is tragic and sad and needs revamping and upgrading and somewhere lovely and inviting for our older residents .
Please provide sheltered benches and seating throughout all the parklands and at sports ovals .

Why is this important?

Our public parks are important places , but they are sad , empty spaces most if the time .
The main park for community use is the RSL Memorial park and the playground and gardens next to it are lovely .
The rest of the park has been poorly maintained and cared for .
It should be nurtured and made into a beautiful communal space and meeting place complimenting the neighbouring community facilities .
Same with parks throughout Greensborough where lawns are watered on the ovals and rubbish is thrown around and into the river near the tennis courts .
We need seating and shelter throughout the parks in the main precinct and ideally benches everywhere . All busstops should have shelters and seating .
Greensborough has a business and retail precinct that would benefit immensely with beautiful parks like in Heidelberg .
People need safe outdoor spaces where they can rest , meet up with people , eat and take their kids and dogs safely. That means CTV cameras , lighting and pet friendly dispensers for poo bags and water like in Altona beach and other parks and sculptures , water features and a water fountain to discourage people using single use plastic water bottles and lots of bins for Kentucky and Macdonalds etc
Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia

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