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To: Transport Minister, NSW

Bus: Lindfield Learning Village; Chatswood West

Bus: Lindfield Learning Village; Chatswood West

Direct Bus needed for kids in school catchment. Catchments have recently changed. Previously, kids could walk to school in 20 mins. Now, the bus service will take over an hour.

Why is this important?

Until March 2021 kids in Chatswood West were in area for Chatswood Highschool - 20 min walk away.
Now our local school is the Lindfield Learning Village. Two bus rides and a walk taking at least an hour, if you don’t miss your connection.
Transport for NSW have suggested a walking path through the bush. This is not safe or practical with laptops and musical instruments.
We’re excited to go to LLV, but we’d like to get there in under half an hour with a direct bus route.
Given the school boundary changes were outside of our control and only announced at the last minute, we request a bus route for our kids that makes the school run quick, direct and safe.

Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • The traffic around Lady Game Drive is busy enough as it is right now. Reality is that if there is no bus a lot of parents will drive to drop off their kids resulting in more traffic delays.
  • Children need some independence, but transport options should be safe and practical. Over 1 hour travel to local school in Sydney is absurd.
  • We are looking to move into this area shortly and public transport to school is a major factor in our decision making process. A school bus would make the daily commute to school for the kids so much easier.


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