To: AHPRA - National Nurse and Midwifery Board

Dissolve recency of practise requirements for nurses

The national nurses board currently has a policy that nurses who haven't practised for more than 10 years must re-do the full Bachelor of Nursing again prior to regaining their registration. A nurse re-entry program exists that allows nurses to regain their "lost knowledge" via an approved course that runs for 1 year part time. By removing the 10 year cut off point nurses who wish to regain their registration could attempt the shorter re-entry program.

Why is this important?

There is obviously a massive need for more registered nurses in the healthcare system that is under an overwhelming strain. More nurses may return to their profession if given an opportunity. It does not make sense that 10 years should be a magic timeframe that you suddenly have no ability to perform your duties. If you can pass the re-entry program then surely that should enough to satisfy the Nurses board that they are safe to practise.