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To: Australia government

Exempt international students

Allow 500 visa holders international students to enter Australia and continue their education on a voluntary basis.

Why is this important?

International students suffer terribly from the travel ban.
High school students cannot go to school.
University students struggle with online lessons with bad quality such as old videos which were shot years ago. We are forced to defer because of invalid internships and in-person courses.
Students can learn nothing from zooming or videos. Besides, a huge portion of students do not have online classes and they have to be exempted to enter Australia and go to schools as soon as possible.
Our human rights of attending school are being deprived and leads our family to horrible mental illness. We do not pay our family’s saving for video lessons or rent for house which we cannot even live in.
International students contribute millions of dollars to Australia community and benefit Aussie society in various areas.
We appeal exemptions for international students not only for student’s future and human right but also for the recovery of Australia economy.
International students are willing to quarantine, obey any rules and pay all the fees. We are willing to quarantine in students apartments and will not take any stranded Australians’ places.
Please allow international students who do not have online lessons and are at urgent to study enter Australia and continue their education on a voluntary basis.


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