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To: Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

Give us back our ferry stop at Dockside!

Tell Kangaroo Point residents when we can expect the Dockside Ferry Stop to re-open. As an interim measure let CityCats stop at Holman Street Ferry stop. Bring back our historic and quiet City Hoppers.

Why is this important?

It has been several months since our ferry service was suddenly stopped with no explanation & no community consultation. We are being told that there are several explanations/reasons for this occurring, none of which ring true. Dockside was a very heavily used stop and the only one I can walk to because of mobility issues. We have seen no works happening at the Dockside Ferry stop & have been given no timeline for the completion of these works. The interim KittyKat ferries are noisy, hot and small.
We have approached our local government representative Jonathan Sri (Gabba Ward) but he has also had little luck in getting real information out of the BCC. This is not good enough! If you agree please sign this petition.


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