To: Frazer Development of Shell Cove.

Path though the park at the end of Old Bass Point Road that Joins the Road to Shell Cove.

Provide a path that can be used by walkers with a disability. There is an improvised, very rough path at the moment, that in my opinion is dangerous and therefore a litigious risk. In Bass Point Road there are seven or eight people I know of that have various disabilities, that would benefit greatly from an upgraded path across the park. That park was originally designated to become a wetland/park as part of the Shell Cove development. Would it be too much to ask to facilitate the speedy development of that particular little park?

Why is this important?

It is important for the health and. wellbeing of the aged and disabled people who live in Old Bass Point Road who previously had a reasonable path to Harbour Boulevard. It is also a commonly used path by the residents of Shell Cove who come that way to access Shellharbour bus stops, village and beach. Walking and cycling groups use the path constantly.

Shell Cove NSW 2529, Australia

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