To: Victorian State Government

Real High Speed Rail Geelong-Melbourne

Reject the State and Commonwealth Governments $4b proposal for Fast Rail to Geelong and demand true High Speed Rail which Infrastructure Victoria has estimated to cost between $5b and $10b.

Why is this important?

The $4b project is projected to cut the time for a Geelong - Melbourne trip to 50 minutes. This is 5 minutes longer than the 2006 Regional Fast Rail express train trip of 45 minutes.

For this sort of money we should be embarking on true High Speed Rail with an estimated Geelong - Melbourne trip of 17 minutes
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The MegaRail proposal with stations at Avalon Airport and Werribee will greatly enhance the livability and and economic strength of Melbourne's west as well as Geelong and could be built with the $4b currently available as a privately co-funded Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) project.

The State Government $50m Geelong Fast Rail Study announced in March 2018 promised train speeds of between 250kph and 300kph. This proposal using conventional V/Line Trains and a third track between Werribee and Laverton is a total cop-out and if Geelong lets it happen we will never get a decent High-Speed train service.

Geelong VIC, Australia

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