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To: Byron Shire Local Council

Save Butler Reserve. Byron Bay

Keep Butler Reserve a green space.
Butler Reserve has traditionally been the home of the iconic Byron Bay Monthly and Farmer's market. Ample parking is available as it always has been in the history of the market along adjacent streets and more so now with the new and successful bypass.
Current council plans include building a carpark on this Butler Reserve. This was originally Crown land ( land for the people).
This land should remain a green space, not a part of the continuing erosion and reduction of the natural habitat of this area.

Why is this important?

This green space is home to many species of birds and animals. During the recent closure of the reserve these birds and animals were often found distressed by the encroachment on their homeland.

Butler Reserve has been used by all locals. Elderly people who were born in nearby homes and have lived there all their lives use it to walk safely often with their pets..
Until the council prevented access to the Reserve youngsters regularly played cricket , football and other games as it is the only safe space large enough for this use in the area.
Thousands of people benefit ( local vendors, shop keepers ,musicians and tourists) from both the Monthly and weekly Farmer's markets.
Butler Reserve provides a tranquil space during the very busy tourist times.
Again before access was closed artists could be found painting or musicians playing and writing in solace.

Experimental attempts at providing a carpark on this reserve have all failed. During the past it has been opened as a free carpark which led to overuse by van dwellers who while they attempted to treat the land with respect had no facilities provided by Council. Therefore rubbish and human waste became a problem.
The Reserve was then transformed into a paid carpark and was immediately underused and remained so until this scheme was also abandoned by Council.

It is clear that the carpark idea does not work and should not be implemented.

Greenspace is a form of social capital that is evidently highly valued by all councils in other LGA's eg. Gold Coast. In fact it is also apparent that these public green spaces are highly valued in all country towns even those where available water is an issue.
They reflect the underlying values of a town and their leaders.
Increasing they are being seen a highly important for the wholistic health of people, mental, physical and spiritual.
Please accept this as a sincere and worthwhile platform for abandoning any plans for a carpark on Butler Reserve.

74 Butler St, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia

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I've just heard on good authority the the carpark planned is a 2 story 1000 space carpark"

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