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To: Meaghan Scanlon is the Qld. Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef

Save Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island (GKI) has been held to ransom by Tower Holdings Pty Ltd since 2013, 8 years of no action to build a resort. Since then two prospective buyers of the leases have fallen through. The current prospective buyer, Altum, a Noosa company has been under going Financial Capacity, due diligence by the State federal Government for nearly a year now, Why so long?

Why is this important?

In the last two election campaigns by our local MP Brittany Lauga, she has promised $25 million towards improvements to public amenities on GKI. These included a cyclone rate jetty, improvements to walking tracks and amenities for the public. To date non of these promises have be fulfilled.
Instead, money has been used for useless studies such as "Decarbonising GKI" and $millions on a study to bring water and power to to GKI from the mainland. Where is the jetty and other promises? In the meantime Altum want the money ($30 Million) to build a marina on the most shallow beach on GKI. If they need $30 million to start construction it would be obvious to anyone but the State Government they can't pass due diligence for their Financial Capability to deliver anything on the GKI. Currently the "Woppaburra Land Trust" have a claim of Native Title over a significant part of the development proposal.


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What we want is sustainable development, no big marina on the most shallow beach on GKI, no new airstrip that requires half a mountain to be blown up and no DEVELOPMENT on lot 21 which hopefully soon be under native title to the "Woppaburra" traditional owners which means no 750 Villas and a golf course on basically the most prestine land on GKI.