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To: The Hon. Shelley Hancock MP, NSW Minister for Local Government

Save The Entrance Library and Council Services

Save The Entrance Library and Council Services

Overturn the decision announced by the Administrator (Mr Dick Persson) of Central Coast Council to close The Entrance Library and Council Services.

Why is this important?

The Library is a community literacy service, a meeting place, a technology hub and a support to education. 

The Library also provides Council Services on site: payment for rates water and sewerage services; animal registrations; internet and computer access for those who don’t have such luxury at home; viewing of Council plans and policies; lodging a general inquiry to Council; and book clubs, knitting groups and mindfulness groups.

Please sign and share this petition! The Entrance community deserves a Library and Council Services venue.

You can also show your support of The Entrance library by making sure you pop in and borrow the twenty items permitted, or making a Council request using the Council Services.

The Entrance NSW 2261, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • It's a. Gem of a place, such helpful staff. Public transport to the next one 5km away is a big ask for many older people.
  • Libraries are an essential service, similar to hospitals or police. They are somewhere for community interaction, providing not only the lending services either through the library or by digital download. They are also a place where many of our citizens without large amounts of disposable income can meet and become involved with the various programs run by the libraries. My 100 year old mother depends on the delivery of the audio books now that her vision is fading.
  • Libraries are more than just books, they are a community space that are so important to so many members of the community. They may be someone's only way to access the internet, or print documents etc. They may be a students only place to study in peace. We don't know people's stories but we know that the library can be a safe and inviting community space. -from a library science student


2021-04-14 20:04:03 +1000

Over 950 signatures now. Please join The Entrance Library and borrow.

2021-04-11 06:02:48 +1000

Over 700 signatures now includes paper based signatures. Join the library

2021-04-10 11:27:24 +1000

Over 600 signatures now. If you don't belong to The Entrance Library join now. There are lots of electronic resources and books available for your Kindle, or do as I prefer borrow a real book.

2021-04-10 06:15:50 +1000

500 signatures reached

2021-04-09 17:20:26 +1000

Over 500 signatures now. Keep the momentum going. The Entrance community deserves a library and Council office.

2021-04-09 13:19:32 +1000

Over 400 signatures now. Thanks for the support.

2021-04-09 11:46:53 +1000

Over 300 signatures collected now. Please borrow from The Entrance Library or ask a question via their Council Service. With community help this decision can be reversed.

2021-04-06 19:43:24 +1000

100 signatures reached

2021-04-01 19:54:57 +1100

50 signatures reached

2021-04-01 14:44:11 +1100

25 signatures reached

2021-04-01 11:22:04 +1100

10 signatures reached