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To: Mr Michael Hart MP, State Member for Burleigh

Save the landmark Burleigh Swimming Centre from redevelopment

Save the landmark Burleigh Swimming Centre from redevelopment

Michael Hart MP represents the public interest for the area where the swimming centre is located. As the conditions to the registered term lease, between the Queensland Government and the lessee, are alleged to have been breached the petition renders support to the MP in his representations to Parliament.

Why is this important?

The Burleigh Swimming Centre is declared a landmark facility in the City of Gold Coast Council's document titled 'Burleigh Heads Heritage & Character Study'.

The idea of a salt water 'ocean pool' was conceptualised in 1935 by the legendary Jim Cavill, (as in Cavill Avenue) who operated the Surfers Paradise Hotel and Zoo. It would be reasonable to assume the rock pool was based on the renowned Bondi Icebergs.

The ocean rock pool was subsequently constructed in 1953 by another Gold Coast legend, Jack (Sharkey) Evans who went on to construct and operate the renowned Snapper Rocks Porpoise Pool.

In 1983 the Burleigh Swimming Centre was redesigned and a pavilion erected above the swimming venue for a restaurant(s) to financially contribute to maintenance of the swimming centre. Protection of the swimming centre was contained in the term lease.

The current lessee seeks to eliminate the swimming centre in favour of an entertainment venue, in contradiction of the term lease. Residents passionately insist the government uphold the lease, but most importantly respect and retain our city's small selection of historical landmark facilities by ensuring the swimming centre continues as our forefathers decreed.

Queensland, Australia

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