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To: Lismore City Council

SAVE THE SLEEPING LIZARD (North Lismore Plateau)

SAVE THE SLEEPING LIZARD (North Lismore Plateau)

We, the undersigned, wish to draw the attention of Lismore Council to the information below.
Cultural Heritage:The North Lismore Plateau (Banyam Baigham), located in the Northern Rivers, is one of the most significant Aboriginal heritage places on the North Coast.
We respectfully request a moratorium be placed on the development works until the Lismore City Council includes the Bundjalung Elders Council in all future decisions regarding the North Lismore Plateau development. Additionally, that a representative of the Bundjalung Elders Council be given written permission to inspect any work sites during business hours in order to monitor and potentially halt any damage being caused to sacred sites.

Why is this important?

"If you take away our history,we have no future", says Uncle Mickey Ryan (Bundjalung Elders Council).
There are Burials, Women Birthing sites, Scarred trees, artefacts, sacred water holes and spiritual Dreaming sites on the North Lismore Plateau.
Threatened Species: A report prepared by David Milledge, well known qualified ecologist, on behalf of the Bundjalung Elders Council has identified a number of rare and endangered species currently observed on the North Lismore Plateau. The report concluded that the Rose Crowned Fruit Dove, Long eared Micro Bat, and the White eared Monarch bird are at risk of local extinction.
Please sign to let Lismore Council know that this is important. We should look after our special places before we lose them.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person or email

North Lismore NSW 2480, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • So much knowledge has already been lost. We need to preserve whatever is left.
  • We need to save what native wildlife we have left, we have wiped out enough. Every animal has it role in evolution & ecology
  • Lismore City Council Tues 13July Council meeting to give back cultural land to the Bundjalung people. Be there in support of a YES vote.


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