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To: All NSW MPs

Stop Mark Latham's Anti-Trans Education Bill!

Vote against Mark Latham's transphobic bill - the Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020

Why is this important?

Young transgender people face enough hardship without the attacks of transphobic politicians. More than half of non-binary and transgender youth have considered suicide, according to studies [1] - and that's why it's vital that we ensure this harmful bill is voted down.

The Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 would "prohibit schools, teachers, and training courses from teaching gender fluidity", which the bill defines as “a belief there is a difference between biological sex and human gender and that human gender is socially constructed.”

This means that a teacher or counsellor would be sacked and disaccredited if they:
a) used a students' preferred pronouns
b) mentioned transgender issues in the classroom
c) opposed transphobic bullying in the playground
d) did not hide that they themselves were transgender

Although Mark Latham may seem like a fringe crackpot, he is a powerful figure in state politics. Latham's anti-trans bill now has the open and uncritical support of the NSW Liberal parliamentary secretary for education. [2]

In December 2020, he got his way with a "clean out" of 42,000 professional development courses for teachers based on whether they taught gender and sexuality content. [3]

A second bill by Latham, which acts as a state version of the federal government's proposed "Religious Freedoms" bill, would give bigots in public positions immunity from consequences of spouting their anti-LGBTI, anti-abortion and anti-women bigotry. This bill has been supported by 11 of 14 members of a parliamentary committee, including 3 out of 4 ALP members on the body. [4]

All of this shows that this is not a matter of letting the politicians stop him. If we do not challenge Latham publicly, his bills will only appear more and more safe for other MPs - especially the huge Liberal majority - to entertain them, and eventually pass them either in part or in whole.

The community must come out publicly and in large numbers to defeat this bill, and put pressure on all politicians to back down from his discriminatory legislation.


How it will be delivered

Community Action for Rainbow Rights has called a demonstration for Saturday April 17th, 1pm at Taylor Square in Darlinghurst, Sydney (Oxford Street).

This is a protest to support transgender youth and oppose Mark Latham, a NSW politician whose bill would set back transgender rights by 30 years.

Facebook event here:

Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

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