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To: Parks Victoria

Studley Park Community Garden

Hello everyone! Love the idea of a community garden? Grow flowers, heirloom veges, exotic herbs or maybe even an orchard? Learn about urban gardening and farms? Join the movement to create sustainable communities and support our friendly petition to Parks Victoria. The land of interest is on Walmer Street Kew, next to the Studley Grounds cafe and alongside the golf course. With so much beautiful parkland surrounding the area, the addition of a collectively maintained garden will further enhance and unite our fantastic community.

Why is this important?

Sustainable communities and food sourcing is becoming increasingly important. So, too, is optimising the use of our community land. The small piece of land of interest is rarely used and would be a wonderful way for the community to connect and learn together about urban farming. Connecting us all to our food supply and nature brings harmony, togetherness and fabulous food!

Boroondara, VIC, Australia

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