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To: Mornington Peninsula Shire

Fruit, vegetables & nut trees on our streets

Fruit, vegetables & nut trees on our streets

Develop a workable framework to plant and care for fruit, vegetables and nut trees on our local street verges

Why is this important?

With the cost of living increasing and financial pressures growing this is a way to lower the cost of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts whilst delivering better nutritional outcomes and community engagement.

Reasons for signing

  • Access to fresh fruit and vegetables for those of our neighbours who cannot afford the best Australia can grow and stop for a chat and get to know our neighbours. So many Australians are isolated from each other. We need to get back to talking. One or two street gardens can lead to a community garden. Wow! Wouldn't that be a win for all.


2021-01-20 19:15:03 +1100

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