• An Act Defining Duties and Responibilities of Politicians
    The purpose of the act would be to hold politicians to an enforceable standard of behaviour. At a time when we have witnessed appalling behaviour by politicians globally it is time that we insist on a set of standards similar to those required of company directors. The Corporations Act identifies four areas of behaviour for directors - Care and Diligence, Good Faith, Not to Improperly use their Position and Not to Improperly use Information. To not require politicians to meet at least the same standards required of directors is appallingly negligent.
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    Created by Phil Jones
  • To provide funding for plastic recycling
    Plastic pollution is a major, international problem causing continuing, damage to the oceans of the world and their inhabitants. Also, other animals,including humans, are being damaged by the ingestion of micro-plastics. The Government levy would serve 2 functions: firstly, it would encourage major food chains and smaller food retailers to minimise the use of such unnecessary plastic and the recycling of the plastic would remove these pollutants from the environment. There is a third possible result which would be the establishment of an Australian innovative technology with the creation of jobs.
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    Created by Juliana Friedlander
  • Stop Mineral Commodities (MRC) taking South African land and minerals
    Global capitalism needs a global opposition. Here, an Australian company is engaged with a corrupt government to violently oppress opposition to a mine that the company will profit from. This is shameful. Do Black Lives Matter?
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    Created by Albert Zhou
  • Reduce the waste ending up in landfills!
    So much plastic material is used worldwide that cannot easily be recycled by current methods like car parts and interior panels. All come from crude oil, a limited resource.
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    Created by Rolf Gerig
  • TITLE TEST: Invasion Day LGAs: Rockdale
    WHY TEST: Invasion Day LGAs
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  • TITLE TEST: Invasion Day LGAs: Sorell
    WHY TEST: Invasion Day LGAs
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  • TITLE TEST: Invasion Day LGAs: Tasman
    WHY TEST: Invasion Day LGAs
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  • Aged care reform
    There are already more than 3 million aged pensioners like me, I am a 91 yo, and some 400000 dementia cases and the rapid increase in aged with the boomers flowing through it is predicted that this number will increase to over 1.3 million in the future plus all the other health issues that affect the aged and the RC has documented the abuse and neglect this Morrison government has permitted for years must be held to account and it does not appear the Opposition has much interest in forcing the government on this issue without public pressure
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    Created by Frank Ward. OAM
  • Scrap the per kilometer Tax on Electric Vehicles
    The transition away from fossil fuel based transport is well underway, and by creating unfair laws now, when there are few electric car drivers, you set the standard going forward without the benefit of open discussion with a majority of Australians. It's extremely hard to remove a tax once it is in place.
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    Created by David Austin
  • Bring Australian troops home from Afghanistan
    The Brereton inquiry has exposed Australian war crimes in Afghanistan. The federal government has used lawfare against the ABC in its attempt to cover-up the nature of our intervention. Apologies to the people of Afghanistan do not go far enough: if we are truly sorry we must withdraw Australian troops from their country and provide humanitarian aid only.
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    Created by Peter Greenland
  • Koala Recovery Plan for Bega Valley Shire
    Last known remnant population of 50 koalas.
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    Created by Mike Thompson
  • We need a Clean Recovery now!
    A Clean Recovery will make energy cleaner and cheaper, and create more jobs than dangerous fossil fuels like methane gas. Australia can be a clean energy superpower, proudly exporting energy from our wind, waves and sun. We can power our businesses and homes with solar, make our houses more affordable and energy efficient, and restore the natural landscapes we love. To make it a reality, we need widespread support from key politicians and community members across the country. Sign the petition for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs for people across the country.
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    Created by Sue Johnson