• Your community says save the ABC!
    The ABC keeps our country safe in times of crisis. It helps us stay informed with stories we can trust. It holds truth to power at a time when misinformation is on the rise. It educates our children. Many Kooyong locals grew up with the ABC and depend on it daily, so it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But years of budget cuts are pushing it to breaking point with more programmes facing cancellation and hundreds of job losses to come. A massive $340 million has been cut from the ABC’s budget since 2014, and the latest funding freeze has created an additional $84 million funding shortfall. We need to act now, before it’s too late. The ABC is the most trusted news source in the country. It brings our community together. We love our ABC, which is why we are asking our local representative to champion it.
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    Created by Tosca Lloyd
  • Restore Our Natural Heritage & Biodiversity & Build Disaster Resilience
    This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House: Climate change is causing increasingly rapid changes in forest ecologies, water supplies, agricultural systems, extending fire seasons. Bushfires are destroying biological diversity and natural environments relied upon by all Australians. Urgent national action is needed under the EPBC Act to prevent destruction of Australia’s natural heritage and recover and restore biodiversity and natural environments.
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    Created by Rosemary Cousin
  • Remunerate our volunteer firefighters!
    Volunteers fight fires for the benefit of all levels of Government fundamentally. Without volunteers the country, states and municipalities burn equally without prejudice; building, human, beast and flora. My daughter cried yesterday when she saw the black sky and red sun over the Shoalhaven. At 16 she said "mum, is this what our future is going to look like?" Then I thought about the volunteers fighting! Then I thought about the Governments! Then I started this campaign. Please volunteer your voice, for volunteers to have a voice and acknowledgement from Governments, to help shift the balance of power for today into the future.
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    Created by Jennifer Czislowski
  • Boycott of Liberal funders
    We need a clear message that there are lines no political party can cross. The Liberals are slaves to corporate interests. We need to ensure the corporations that donate to the Liberals know that undermining democracy, supporting profits over the planet, or attacking unions, isn't going to be profitable.
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    Created by Rory Thomson-Ball
  • Stop Australian Government banning cash transactions in their stealthy legislation
    Trading cash is currently not illegal in Australia - because our cash is legal tender. Morrison government, and any collusion with labor opposition is detrimental to the well being and freedom of Australians to buy and sell with cash as legal tender without the need for banker intermediaries; who will Bill users for transactions whilst not offering incentives such as interest rates. This forces mandatory bank accounts, which Australians must reject. Many ordinary and older Australians keep cash accumulated outside banks because they do not have trust in banks. They should continue to be allowed to trade cash in any size transaction, as per their current rights. People should not be forced to pay to hold digital money in banks if there is no interest incentive to do so.
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    Created by Sharon Seipelt-Don
  • Qantas - STOP broadcasting Sky News and Newscorp media in your aircraft, lounges and at your gates!
    Sky News and Newscorp publications are notorious for their racist, right-wing rhetoric. We know this type of media commentary has fuelled division and hate in our community, and after Christchurch we know that hate kills. When Qantas provides the platform for the broadcasting of Sky News and Newscorp publications in their aircraft, member lounges and at airport gates, it sends a message that our National airline is legitimising and endorsing those views. Those views are not in keeping with the "Spirit of Australia" - an inclusive, respectful and proud multicultural society. Tell Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, to show some corporate leadership and terminate Qantas' contractual arrangements with Sky News and Newscorp publications NOW.
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    Created by C Knox
  • Rape & Sexual Assault Law Reform Now
    This archaic law allows rape offenders to escape being charged by police with this simple response. As a result most assaults go unreported, those that are reported rarely result in police charging the offender and even less are convicted of the crime.
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    Created by Kate Gibson
  • Keep King Island Fish Farm Free
    If fish farms are established in King Island's pristine waters then there will be a massively negative impact environmentally, economically and socially. King Island's economy is based on its clean, green and unspoiled image. If the King Island Brand is tainted by its association with industrial fish farming, and the rapidly accelerating negative press and opposition it is generating, then our economy will be severely affected. The very reasons that attract visitors and residents to King Island are diametrically opposed to the industrialisation of our pristine marine environment. Our way of life and quality of life are under threat just so companies and shareholders can make even more money.
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    Created by Alison Stubbs
  • Don't build a new airport! DO build high-speed rail instead!
    This petition against building a second airport at Badgery's Creek is urgent and important as to do so would contravene all the independent research findings which clearly demonstrate that societies and nature would suffer unduly. Conversely, building high-speed rail will address climate-change and revitalise many communities in regional NSW as well as connect to major centres like Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, being 50% of current air traffic; and will provide for real local jobs. It will also empower people and ensure quality of life to all of us and Nature on whom we depend. This has to be seen as the only sane alternative in today's world.
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    Created by Maureen Grant
  • M8, let's move Australia Day to May 8!
    Because Australia Day is a traumatic anniversary for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. By moving it, we can help reconcile all Australians and truly celebrate an Australia Day without any negative connotations. On May 8. Go on M8, sign up!
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    Created by Tom Allen
  • Sanctuary for Refugees
    Asylum seekers are subject to cruelty and abuse and held in detention for long periods of time. This is inhumane and causes great suffering and harm. Australia is in breach of multiple Internation agreements that it is a party to. We aim to name and shame the politicians by asking them their position on a specific set of policies in relation to Australia's ttreatment of refugees. We must have no more state sponsored murder as occured to Reza Barati in Manus Island detenion Centre in feb 2014
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    Created by Gerald Grove-White
  • Legalise medicinal Cannabis Oil use within Australia
    I have a few friends with cancer, of varying types, and I really want to give them another option than Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, which is very invasive and damaging to the body. I have done a bit of study around cancer and what it really is (a mutation of healthy cells within the body) and there has to be other ways of treating it other than killing off everything.
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    Created by Adrienne Gaha-Morris