• Stop Salmon Farming on Tasmanian Northwest Coast
    Tasmania's waters and beaches are pristine. Our region is a drawcard for visitors from all over the world. Anyone in the world can support this petition. We have a flourishing tourism industry which will be destroyed by salmon farming. We rely on our clean, green image for employment and the success of many businesses. We do not want to trade our tourism industry for polluting salmon farms.
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  • Residents for Safe Streets to School: Ku-ring-gai
    Children deserve to walk or ride to school safely. Walking to school improves kids' fitness and independence. However, they are often driven over short distances to school by parents. Parents perceive that their child's journey to school is unsafe on part of or on their whole journey. As a result, our streets are subject to tens of thousands more car trips every year, making them even less safe and clogging up roads with unnecessary traffic during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Streets without footpaths and crossings with speed limits higher than 30km/h are not considered safe by Australia's safe system approach. The Case for crossings: Research shows that children cannot judge gaps in traffic consistently when cars go faster than 30km/h to safely cross a street On streets where there are no footpaths and crossings, reducing the car speed to 30km/h would prevent most accidents: the stopping distance for a car traveling 30km/h is 13m. Stopping distance for a car traveling 50km/h is 37m. The risk of death or serious injury if hit at 30km/h is less than 10%; compared to 90% if hit at 50km/h. It is an unreasonable risk to place our children in harms way on their journey to school.
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  • Bent and Broken
    All of us have had some experience with someone experiencing chronic illness. Imagine if it were you, and you have faced a life being told, ‘it’s in your head, oh it’s not that bad, I don’t know what’s wrong!’ This is the common experience of people with rare conditions. The social media groups are filled with horror stories of poor treatment, medical gaslighting and a profound level of medical ignorance. It is appalling that here in Australia we do not have adequate trading of Dr’s in these conditions. I think most of us could recall a time when we have had a bad experience with medical treatment, imagine if that one experience was repeated many times over, over many years. At the same time you just continue to get more unwell. This is what it’s like to have a rare genetic condition. I believe that we can demand better from our decision makers. I believe that this is an opportunity for Australia to lead the world in coordinated treatment and research options for those with these conditions.
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  • Make Summerleas road safer for all, people and wildlife.
    We are concerned for the safety of all road users including pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers, horse riders and wildlife that traverse the road. Speeding drivers ignore speed limits and fail to drive to the conditions killing wildlife at night and increase the risk of accident and injury to people in the day time. Wildlife deaths occur almost every night in this well known black spot. The average for the whole of Tasmania is one wildlife death per 3 kilometres. At certain times of the year this section of Summerleas road has recorded an average of one death per 8.5 metres. A total of 65 wild lives were lost on this section of road between the 4/9/21 and the date of this petition. This figure does not include at least 9 known joeys that also died along with their mothers and 3 injured animals that had to be rescued and euthanised due to the severity of their injuries. The Natural Values Atlas lists 3 threatened mammal species of concern for this area. They are the Eastern barred bandicoot, Eastern quoll and the Tasmanian devil. Several Bandicoots have been killed recently on the road. Eastern quolls and Tasmanian devils have been sighted (and devils accidentally trapped) by residents on properties close to the road. The phycological effect on the community that witnesses this amount of death on such a short section of road must not be overlooked. The danger to human life of injury and death is just as real and also needs to be addressed. There is a concentrated population of horse riders in this area, and close surrounding areas and a long established horse agistment centre actually within the section of road that is our major concern. To reach the few safe and designated riding trails that exist, riders must ride through this section as they have no alternative choice. There have been many incidents of very near misses involving horses, their riders and inconsiderate and speeding drivers. There are no safe pathways or verges. The road has at least one dangerous blind corner and is quite narrow in places with nowhere to safely get off the road. The shoulders are narrow with significant ditches and areas where the ground drops away steeply while other sections have a high embankment. These conditions make it dangerous for horse riders, cyclists, dog walkers and pedestrians in general. Many school children regularly walk to and from school bus pick up, and drop off points. The community includes cycling enthusiasts and people who regularly walk their dogs. Both groups also report incidences where an accident has only been averted by sheer luck, including a dog (on lead) that was lucky to escape with severe bruising after an accident involving a speeding driver. The road is undoubtedly a shared zone and drivers need to be alerted to that fact and encouraged to drive appropriately. Signage alerting drivers to the wildlife death black spot need to be installed and a reduced dusk to dawn speed limit imposed. It has been well studied and documented that a reduction of speed between dusk and dawn would reduce the wildlife deaths on Tasmanian roads by a huge amount. (Hobday 2010 ) Some estimates suggest as many as half the estimated annual 500,000 animals could be saved by reduced speed between dusk and dawn. Other mitigation initiatives should also be explored such as speed humps and new generation virtual fences designed for Tasmanian conditions and wildlife. Other options could include community based and created art works that highlight the issues and engage the public in creative and new ways. The people who have signed this petition request Kingborough Council implement speed restrictions, signage and safety measures to make this particular road a safer place for everyone, people and animals.
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  • No to more waste at Hampton Park Hill
    In 2022 the City of Casey released the draft 'Hampton Park Hill Development Plan’ which proposes to continue use of the landfill site as a regional hub for waste. We want to make it clear that we totally object to this proposed 2022 development plan. Further we say no to any land use on this site other than repatriation into open space and park land. The Lynbrook Residents Association leads this campaign on behalf of the undersigned and other concerned residents, who will consider all means necessary to fight this proposal including a class action, for which there is already a legal precedent within Australia. WE SAY NO! The long suffering residents of Lynbrook, Hampton Park, Narre Warren South and Cranbourne North have paid a heavy price for poor planning of residential land around the boundary of the Hallam Road Landfill since 2001. They have endured continual noxious odours and putrid smells from the site as well as dust, large trucks, and many health & safety concerns. Since this time, residents have continually been told the land would be repatriated to open space and parkland, a reward for their tolerance and patience. Instead of ceasing operation when the tip is full (approx. 2025), as promised for many years, the proposed plans propose a Waste Transfer Station to remain on site for at least another 30 years, with a proposed 1806 tonnes of waste per day. This proposed 550,000 tonnes of waste per annum would be delivered, compacted and removed off site by B-Double Trucks, all on our local roads, 7 days a week and up to 16 hours a day. WE SAY NO! As late as 2019 in the Hampton Park development plan, (section 4.2.4) the City of Casey stated their objective for this land was :- “To progressively rehabilitate and develop the quarry/landfill site, upon cessation of current operations, for the purpose of public open space.” Now the 2022 proposed plan is anything but that. We have lost about half our public open space and most importantly if this plan goes ahead we will have half of Melbourne’s waste (10 municipalities) still coming to our doorstep for another 30 or more years. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH and we STRONGLY SAY NO! In 2018, without consultation, the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) identified this as a site of State significance as a resource recovery hub, whilst the residents still continued to be fed the lie of open space. Home owners within the landfill 500 metre buffer zone (at least 1350 homes) will have an overlay added (under section 32) that restricts what owners can do to their own homes! This will affect house prices. Want to put in a granny flat on your home in 10 years? Read this –“To discourage intensification of existing sensitive land uses and development within the landfill separation buffer area through RESTRICTIONS on subdivisions, development of second dwellings and dependent persons unit.” In February 2020 all City of Casey Councillors were stepped down. Since then we have had no publicly elected council. Decisions of this magnitude should not be made without democratically elected councillors who can represent the views of the community. 25 years of waste to Hallam Road is more than this area can take. We need a break and we need Government to consider a more suitable local option such as the Taylors Road Landfill which is 1km from the closest home, or consider another non-residential space. WE SAY NO! No Tip No Waste No Transfer Station No Tip No Waste No Transfer Station This petition is addressed to all levels of local and State Government and the undersigned clearly state that we say no to any development for waste purposes, and will only accept the repatriation of this site to the parks this weary community deserve. We won’t rest until a new Development Plan is proposed that goes back to what was promised. PUBLIC OPEN SPACE ONLY Please SIGN below if you wish to support this cause. Every signature counts. We need to make our voices heard. Tell your friends and family to join us. WE SAY NO!
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  • Scrap Kurri Kurri Gas Plant
    The Kurri Kurri gas plant is a waste of public money. It’s expensive, climate polluting, and it fails to deliver the long-term jobs that were promised to the local community. Right now it’s planned to run on gas, a fossil fuel that contributes to worsening floods and fires caused by climate change. The new Labor Government promised to support the project on the condition that it ran on 30% hydrogen from the day it is operational and 100% by 2030. But energy experts are saying that this won't be possible. The Kurri Kurri gas plant fails to deliver the long-term jobs our community was promised. We need the new government to invest long term, in the technologies of the future and not waste a billion dollars of public money and instead invest it in the Hunter to keep our region as a powerhouse for generations. We know battery storage is a cheaper way to firm the electricity grid and bring down electricity prices for people doing it tough. It’s clear too that we need to move away from climate-wrecking fossil fuels like gas and coal, and towards cleaner, cheaper alternatives like solar, wind, and batteries. So all in all, a pretty shocking idea. But that didn’t stop the Morrison Government throwing public money at the project last year. It didn’t make sense then, but it makes even less sense now. The global price of gas and coal has shot up since the start of the year, meaning new power plants that run on fossil fuels won’t help bring your electricity bills down. It would be a backward step. Our country is lucky to have huge resources of sun and wind, and backed up by batteries these resources are going to power our houses and businesses into the future with cheap, clean electricity. We need our leaders and local MPs to see that this is the future we want for the Hunter, not expensive fossil-fuel powered plants that will soon be irrelevant. People in the Hunter deserve proper investment in jobs and industries that will be around for a long time.
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    A father has lost two of his precious children in a housefire. He spoke with them the week before they passed. Mr Jabari wants to grieve and be comforted by his family and inlaws. He has done his time in jail and is sitting in an Immigration centre alone. It's important for his mental health to be with family.
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  • Its time... Bathurst Athletics Centre
    The Bathurst Region currently does not have a facility able to host a track and field event that is safe and fair. Indeed, this year our two high schools, Bathurst High and Kelso High have been unable to host safe athletics carnivals for the whole school due to the lack of a venue that meets requirements to keep their students safe. Other schools have relied on the kindness of McKillop College to help host safe events. Even so, their track is well shy of the 8 lane, 400m required by basic standards and the field event facilities are well short of the standard needed. Current occupational health and safety standards are not met at council owned facilities, nor are the requirements needed to host an athletics event of any competitive nature. Last year we nearly had a discus in flight hit a member of the public during an athletics club night due to the lack of appropriate fencing. No school in the Bathurst region is currently able to hold an athletics carnival at a venue that meets basic standards for athletics as set down by the IAAF or Athletics Australia. Morse Park is inadequate for the role it is undertaking. The Sports Ground is a round cricket venue unable house the 2X 100 metre straights and 2 x 100 bends of a standard 400m athletics track. Certainly the cricket community would be less than impressed with a javelin landing in the pitch at the centre of this new facility. Given that Track and Field has and continues to form the basis of all sports across its many disciplines since ancient times, we encourage Bathurst regional council move to address this issue in our “sporting city”. We would never ask Cricket to play on a rectangular pitch or Football Codes to compete without posts, but Track and Field has endured substandard facilities in our city for decades. As Bathurst’s population continues to grow, we call on Bathurst Regional Council to identify and set aside land specifically for the future development of a track and field specific venue. This is integral for the future of the sport in Bathurst, facilitating not only local sports clubs but complementing the educational curriculum of all schools, public, catholic and independent across the region. Previous requests have largely fallen upon deaf ears and we believe now is the time for council to commit to such a project moving forward before the increasing urbanisation rules out land capable of hosting such a venue. Track and Field is participated in by every single child at school in our region and therefore this facility would be used annually by every family with a child at school; a high use facility. Indeed between club meets, group training sessions and school’s use, such a venue would receive year round patronage. School carnivals and seasons traditionally run April/May, finishing in November with large carnivals in Sydney. Athletics as a club sport begins in September/October and continues through to March after the State Championships. Done properly, such a venue has the ability to generate over $1 million into the local economy annually, through hosting of larger zone and regional carnivals both for club and school and university level events. Visitors to Bathurst from outside the region would be spending in fuel, meals and accommodation in our city for endurance events and larger 2 day athletic meets. An allocation of land for athletics would need to comfortably accommodate an IAAF standard international 400m athletics track with two 100m straights and two bends, throwing (shot put, discuss, hammer and javelin) and high jump facilities inside the track and have both long jump and triple jump pits (an area of roughly 180 long by 120m wide before amenities). Planning needs to allow for an all-weather surface as and when funding becomes available. This is imperative for our para athletes who currently have no other option but to travel to Sydney or Dubbo to train due to the lack of all-weather synthetic athletic surfaces in Bathurst. In fact, no such venue currently exists between Blacktown and Dubbo. Such a venue needs to be secure so that kindergarten aged children or our Tiny Tots and U6 athletes can compete without fear of wandering onto surrounding roads, go to the bathroom without fear of intrusion or get changed in safe surrounds. Should these conditions be met, local school principals already canvassed would support the project. An all weather track is needed in future to level the playing field with the same track surface conditions regardless of moisture, weather or general surface condition as those in metro areas. The athletics track at Morse Park is no longer appropriate nor safe to use. It does not conform to modern OH&S standards from athletics bodies. Morse Park is a multiple use facility with the busy highway running next door, no appropriate fencing, no canteen, no shelter, no change rooms, showers or adequate toilets. It has inadequate throwing (discuss, shot put, hammer throw and javelin) facilities situated at the site and non conforming runways for jumping. Additionally, most local school principals would struggle to hold a carnival there as it simply would not pass any modern school risk assessment criteria. Bathurst is also not in a position to host University Championships due to the lack of such a facility despite hosting one of the biggest CSU Campuses here in town. This proposed venue will be used by every school and all students and their families at least annually in our sporting city for generations to come. We urge council to closely examine options so that we as a city have the kind of community use facility that can safely, fairly and comfortably host Track and Field events without compromise, from local school to large regional and championship events in the future.
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    **ONLY SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU PAID FOR TICKETS TO SITG 2022 VIA MOSHTIX or APPROVED RESALE PROCESS & CAN PROVIDE PROOF OF PURCHASE OR YOU WORKED AT SITG IN A FORMAL VOLUNTEER CAPACITY** In accordance with the LIVE PERFORMANCE AUSTRALIA TICKETING CODE OF PRACTICE - EIGHTH EDITION - EFFECTIVE 1 JANUARY 2021 (“The Code”), we the ticket holders and volunteer workers of Splendour in the Grass 2022 (“SITG2022”) request that the ‘Ticket Proceeds’ for the event continue to be held in trust for the impacted consumers in light of gross breaches of the code and demonstrable dereliction of duty of care to patrons and volunteer workers and the likely event that a significant number of formal complaints will be lodged with both the member organisations and with Live Performance Australia in relation to SITG 2022. Further, we believe that the actions of organisers have severely impinged upon on our consumer rights and were reasonably foreseeable by the event organisers. This belief draws into significant doubt that the member organisations have engaged in any form of “honest, fair or in-good-faith dealings”. Further, we are of the view that the organisers have failed to meet their obligations to clearly communicate with consumers about both event operations and complaints handling processes which has created an unsafe and unreasonable environment for both patrons and volunteer workers throughout the event. It is clear that in order to achieve appropriate consumer remedy in this matter that the following member organisations must be held to account by Live Performance Australia: Live Nation Australasia Pty Ltd Splendour in the Grass Pty Ltd Secret Sounds Pty Ltd Moshtix Pty Ltd As the ‘Ticket Proceeds’ are very likely going to be the subject of protracted consumer complaints with the obvious and distinct probability that any such consumer complaint may be deemed valid, we feel that if Live Performance Australia fail to step in on our behalf and halt distribution of the ‘Ticket Proceeds’ to the event organisers and related commercial entities, our concern is that we may never receive reasonable or timely financial remedy in relation to this matter. We, the ticket holders of Splendour in the Grass 2022, ask that Live Performance Australia, inform SITG2022 and all related commercial entities, immediately and prior to the conclusion of the event, that ‘Ticket Proceeds’ held in trust for consumers should NOT be released, distributed or in any other way made accessible to the event organisers on the following basis: 1. As per widely published media and social media coverage, it is clear that the Member Organisations of Live Performance Australia have knowingly and willingly engaged in gross breaches of relevant industry and consumer codes. 2. We, the paying patrons are alarmed by the lack of publicly available information about resolving disputes between the relevant Member Organisations as they relate to SITG2022 and Consumers. 3. We feel that the event organisers have made false and misleading statements publicly regarding refunds for the cancelled portion of the event and about the conditions consumers would likely experience whilst in attendance at the event. 4. We feel that the demonstrable history from some of the relevant member organisation of failing to adequately deal with Complaints from Consumers and/or issue refunds in a timely manner deems it necessary for Live Performance Australia to take immediate steps to ensure our Consumer Rights are protected and that the relevant Member Organisations are held to account. 5. We can foresee that the relevant Member Organisation’s complaints handling procedures are going to prove to be manifestly inadequate in light of the sheer volume of complaints likely to arise from an event of this scale and will deprive us of right to recourse, refunds and other compensatory measures. 6. From what we saw, there has also very likely been abject failures in relation to obligations to ensure a safe working environment for festival volunteers under the Fair Work Act 2009 and that their rights should also be protected. 7. We are of the view that Live Performance Australia is going to need to refer all consumer complaints to a dedicated Complaints handling process independent of the event organisers and that dedicated Code Reviewer resources should also be established due to a) the complexity and nature of the complaints b) the conduct of the Member Organisations c) because Michael Coppel of Live Nation Australasia is a member of the Live Performance Australia Executive Council (he should probably recuse himself from any and all involvement in the matter too as a result of a clear conflict of interest). https://liveperformance.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/LPA-Ticketing-Code-Industry-Code-8th-edition-FINAL.pdf Sincerely, The paying patrons and volunteer workers of SITG2022.
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  • Arrest the City of Newcastle (CoN) Rates Hike & Rates Spending Abuse
    1 CoN has the fifth highest residential rates in NSW and vulnerable ratepayers are under cost of living stress 2 CoN has one of the highest commercial rates in NSW and many small business, landlords, tenants and superannuation property owners are under financial stress. 3 The GM has declared that Newcastle City Council to run like a corporation. However the shareholders are reluctant ratepayers. 4 CoN is non-transparent and unaccountable in their spending 5. CoN fudges economic contribution reports such as the Supercars research to suit its self vested agendas and bad decision making. This has been validated by leading mathematician, Dr Janet Aisbett who reported that the UON Hunter Research fudged the Supercars benefits by 55%. This fudged research is still on the CoN website. 6. CoN uses city rates to instigate legal action on dissenting ratepayers, including community groups, business, staff and business organizations. Most of its legal actions have failed but some ratepayers have had to settle and suffer debilitating legal bills in fighting ratepayer injustices. 7. Even through iPart has capped rate increases to 1.2%, CoN Labor Councillors with the support of the two Newcastle Greens have unleashed a 2.5% increase on Newcastle in the 2022-23 budget. 8. Over 100 business have left the CBD because of bad CoN planning, Supercars and the Newcastle tram been routed on the main street eliminating about 1000 loading zones. 9. CoN has further penalised city traders, customers, visitors and tourists by closing down 365 carpark spaces without improving access or transport or developing a transport strategy. 10. In order to support its super loss event Supercars event CoN commissioned another economic contribution research by that was based on fallacious attendance figures and it highlighted that Newcastle ratepayers were financing flow on Supercars benefits to Hunter tourist and accommodation premises. 11. Despite community funded research that demonstrated the business devastation of Supercars CoN ignored its findings.
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  • Improved access to Pigeon House Mountain
    Most people who live in or visit the Shoalhaven would be familiar with Pigeon House Mountain - or to give it the name known by the Yuin Nation people, Didthul. The mountain was called Pigeon House by Captain Cook in 1770, because it was so noticeable even from offshore. It has long been one of the iconic attractions in the Shoalhaven. It routinely attracted hundreds of visitors per day in peak season - so much so that the car park overflowed and the approach roads were jam packed. It has been called the single most popular tourist attraction in the region, and for good reason - it is a perfect day walk and the views from the top are spectacular. After the 2019 bushfires, the mountain was closed for rehabilitation work by National Parks. This has been completed, but is not getting as much use as it might because Pigeon House is not so easy to reach any more. While the roads all over the Shoalhaven are a mess, most are still possible to drive. But the route to Pigeon House is often completely unusable without a 4WD vehicle AND a spell of clement weather of at least a few days. Even then, it may not be possible. Many visitors have ended up stranded, to be rescued by the locals. The main tourist route to Pigeon House is via Clyde Ridge Road, but the maintenance of this road is a mish-mash of responsibility. Only the first kilometre is maintained by Shoalhaven Council. The rest is maintained by State Forestry, and since the 2019 bushfires and subsequent floods has barely been maintained at all. Why not? Because Forestry is currently unable to log in the area, and will only maintain the roads for other purposes if they are paid to do so. National Parks has an interest, because it is a key access route to several National Parks, and so does the Rural Fire Service - this road was one of those critical for access during the 2019 bushfires. Under normal circumstances they all contribute to the maintenance of the road, and Forestry has asked them to do so again - but apparently to no avail, and the road has now degraded to the point where it is often impassable even with a 4WD. The locals know how to avoid the worst spots, but visitors do not and many have gotten stuck and in some cases have had their vehicles damaged by collisions with other vehicles trying to negotiate the roads. This is not good for the image of the Shoalhaven as a tourist destination. Representations to all the stakeholders - State Forestry, the Rural Fire Service, Shoalhaven Council, and the State and Federal Governments for assistance have been unsuccessful. "No money" is one common response. "Not our responsibility" is another. As is "Perhaps in a few years". Fortunately, there are people who live in the area. And it is these people who make it possible that visitors can still get to Pigeon House at all. The locals now maintain these roads and bridges, using their own equipment, in their own time, and with their own money. Their council rates apparently go to fixing other local roads in the Shoalhaven, but not their own. It should not be the responsibility of the locals to maintain these roads. Shoalhaven Council should take primary responsibility of maintaining Clyde Ridge Road and other critical roads in the area, for the sake of assisting the recovery of tourism in the Shoalhaven, and for the safety of visitors to the area.
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  • Funding for Skipton: Rebuild, Recover, Reconnect!
    Now, more than ever, we want to bring life back to our regional town and harness the thriving community spirit for which we are known. The beating heart of our community has always been the Skipton Recreation Reserve. It’s the only place in the district that people can come together. To cater to current demands and further grow our community, we need a place that we can be proud of, that provides opportunities and that is accessible for all. Our community is seeking $5.7 million in Federal and State Government funding to improve the Skipton Recreation Reserve. With these funds, we will: • Build fit-for-purpose social rooms that meet current standards and are accessible for all • Improve out-of-date facilities • Make the reserve safer by improving traffic management • Build facilities that cater for female participants, guests, locals, and professional users • Ensure the main oval meets AFL guidelines and improve the netball facilities. • Build a new, inclusive playground Skipton is at a crossroads: keep moving forward and progress or become a dust bowl. These upgrades are vital to boost morale and foster social connection. Skipton wants this. Skipton needs this.
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    Created by Megan Read