• Make Pokies Safer in Tasmania
    The Tasmanian government is legislating to change poker machine licensing and taxation - and the proposed laws aren’t looking good at all. Unless we speak up and put pressure on the government, this will mean special low tax rules just for casinos, consolidating power and ownership of pokies into a handful of big business at the cost of local pubs, failure to add any extra protections, and no measures to get decent financial return for our state. The Tasmanian government is throwing away the opportunity to responsibly regulate an addictive product and get the best outcomes for our community. Here are some facts about Tasmanian pokies: - Tasmanians lose around $500,000 every day to pokie machines - Currently, people can lose up to $600 per hour! - Australia has more pokie machines per capita than any other country in the world! - Australia has extremely weak consumer protection in place for pokie machines compared to the rest of the world - Australia has higher intensity machines, which means we have far higher losses and more pokies addiction than other countries No other country in the world puts high-intensity poker machines outside casinos or destination gambling venues. Currently, our pokies don’t have the normal, effective, evidence-based consumer protection and harm minimisation measures that are used in other countries. Thousands of Tasmanians are unnecessarily becoming addicted to pokies and experiencing devastating financial harm to provide the industry with super-profits. Poker machine reform NEEDS to focus on protecting Tasmanians and making poker machines safer for people to use. Sign the petition to demand the Tasmanian government protects consumers and makes poker machines safer.
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    Created by Grassroots Action Network Tasmania
  • Remove sugar filled toxic “foods” from Palm Beach tuck shop and bring back allergy friendly options
    Our children’s developing minds and bodies are something to be nourished and nurtured. By riddling their bodies with sugar, additives, preservatives and colourings is EXTREMELY detrimental to their ability to learn and concentrate. This is backed by years of scientific literature showing the behavioural developmental delays and outbursts that these additives do to our children. Sugar is more addictive then illicit drugs and causes immense destruction to growing bodies and brains. A treat every now and then is a wonderful part of life but it’s wildly concerning for a learning environment to offer and suggest these “foods” as appropriate for consumption every single day to children as young as 4 years old. Our school is our main community and something we should be so proud of and always were. This new change is extremely disappointing and terribly concerning. The consent to our children consuming these junk items daily causing behavioural and physical issues in or children is not something we give! We are asking for the removal of these known detrimental junk items from the school menu and to include more allergy friendly and wholesome food - just like the previous menu options provided.
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    Created by Paris Lucas
  • Say NO to Dan Murphy's, Junction Square Wodonga
    The residents and ratepayers of Wodonga Council draw to the attention of the Council, Planning Application 73/2021 for a Dan Murphy’s Bottle Shop on the corner of Elgin Boulevard and Smythe Street Wodonga. We therefore request that in response to community concerns that Council requests Development Victoria withdraw its consent for the Dan Murphy’s planning application located at the Junction Place development in Wodonga. If unsuccessful, we call on Wodonga Council to reject the planning application on the grounds that it undermines the strategic planning intent and community support for creating a City Heart in Wodonga’s CBA. Wodonga is in a unique position of being able to recreate the heart of its city centre. We need to ensure that this development reflects the values of community now and for future generations. A business such as Dan Murphy’s does not reflect the values of the community in wanting to create a space for families to connect and enjoy all that our community is building. The community supports a city heart that creates a sense of belonging and inclusiveness. One that is safe and welcoming for all ages, one that brings people together. The contact person for this petition is Bobbi McKibbin of 2 Hallawell Cres Wodonga.
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    Created by Bobbi McKibbin
  • Mental Health Long Weekends during online schooling
    I am sure so many children doing online school right now would agree a 3 day weekend would be good all year round but I think it is possible whilst doing online school. On the 2nd of August, there was the highest number of calls made to the lifeline support in 58 years of 3 345 calls. Especially through these rough times, people deserve a break and maybe even adults would need a 3 day weekend during these times too.
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    Created by Chelsea Wright
  • Bring DBT back to the Royal Darwin Hospital
    This DBT program is a vital step in rehabilitation of those that struggle with BPD and Bipola. Without this program it would leave those that havent been able to attend the pilot program without the critical skill that those with BPD and Bipola need.
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    Created by REEGAN GRILLS
  • Pump Track for Potty
    Pottsville has a growing Community and would benefit from a pump track. Pump tracks are relatively simple to use and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels, young and old. Pump tracks were originally designed for the mountain bike and BMX scenes, but they are also used by skateboard and scooter riders, and they are generally accessible to wheelchairs. It will also give the Pottsville community another activity to engage in.
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    Created by thomas jenner
  • Bardon Skate Park
    Do you skateboard, ride a scooter, roller skate, roller blade or ride a BMX bike? Are you tired or having to travel to other suburbs to visit skate parks? Skating is an awesome activity that is great for balance and coordination, and is so much fun!! It is also a social activity that brings kids together outdoors and away from screen time. Skateboarding and BMX bike riding is now an Olympic sport and who knows with 2032 just around the corner, a skate park in Bardon could nurture some future Olympians!!!
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    Created by Alex Ridgway
  • Victoria: Let’s get off gas!
    Hi - we’re Jasmine, Maggie, Emilie, Grace, Lucie, Lili and Beth. We are just some of the thousands of students behind School Strike 4 Climate, a network of students across Australia who strike and demand for climate change to be treated as the crisis that it is. We all saw or experienced the devastating effects that the 2020 bushfires had on everyone, regardless of where you live across the country. These fires affected front-line and marginalised communities first and more than anyone; the burden of climate change should not fall on those who contribute the least to it. These fires, along with other extreme weather events will only be exacerbated by our society’s reliance on gas, and is a fraction of the damage that will be done if the Victorian government continues to allow and support gas expansion and other fossil fuels. Just recently the Victorian government announced their consent for new gas drilling on Keerray Wurrung country at the Port Campbell National Park, near the 12 Apostles (Guardian, 2021), This comes just weeks after the Federal Liberal Government – with the Victorian Labor Government’s support – opened up vast areas for drilling just 6km from the 12 Apostles. The world is facing an escalating climate emergency- new gas is the last thing we need. Not to forget the danger this places on one of Australia's most cherished and iconic natural wonders. The Morrison Government wants a so-called “gas-led recovery.” But this is a false narrative - gas is composed mainly of methane - and is much more potent polluting greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Will gas support us when the world is burning because of the government’s inaction? Aren’t our lands and people worth more than the profits of fossil fuel giants who have shown, time and time again, a complete and utter disregard for life on earth? With governments around the world turning away from fossil fuels and gas fields in the Bass Strait collapsing, before long, gas will become more expensive. Investing in gas is the equivalent of throwing away billions of public dollars to destroy our chances of a future. But there’s hope. Communities across the country are pushing back against fracking, gas exploration and offshore drilling. First Nations communities are leading the way, staunchly opposing fossil fuel giants who have no regard for our future. Right now we need to build on this movement and show the Victorian government that gas is not popular with the public - and that we demand a rapid shift to renewables that doesn’t leave anyone behind. We need your help to do so. Sign our petition now! WHY WE'RE TAKING ACTION: “I got involved in protests after my brother and friend dragged me along to the climate strikes in 2019. Now I’m committed to working towards climate justice and a true, just-transition for everyone. Getting Victoria off gas matters to me because it’s real people that the destruction and devastation of climate change harms. And it’s not good enough that our government chooses not to act urgently.” - Jasmine. “I became involved in protesting for climate justice after travelling to Cuba and witnessing the devastating effects of climate change on a geographically vulnerable community. I have since wanted to make a discernible change. The change required matters not only for the existence of humanity, but for the thousands of other living organisms that our profit-seeking empires will likely destroy.” - Grace. “I first attended the school strike in 2019, and I was fuelled by the teenage anger, as thousands of students marched alongside me, angry at how poorly the government was handling the climate crisis. 2020 was a hard year for everyone, however I know that we cannot recover from the lockdown by funding GAS!!! Now, all I can do is fight for MY future, and hopefully get the government to finally listen to our voices! And if there is one thing I am sure of, it is that the government HAS to fund our future not gas!” - Maggie “I first became involved with school strike in 2018, fuelled by my anger at politicians inaction and apathy on the issue of climate change. Climate Activism is important to me as it is not some far-away threat that will impact my future children, but a threat that is very real, and here today - we’ve seen the bushfires, we’ve seen the floods, we’ve seen the droughts and sea-levels rise. As highlighted by the recently released IPCC report, now is the time for urgent action. We must act and get Victoria off gas to secure the futures of not just the future generations, but Australians today. “ - Lili
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    Created by Jasmine, Maggie, Emilie, Grace and Lucie - School Strike 4 Climate Australia Picture
  • Save Rylstone Region from Coal Exploration
    The rural greenfields, pristine bushland and forests in the region borders the Wollemi National Park, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The region is home to endangered flora and fauna, prime agricultural lands, and precious water sources. These are all under threat, along with people’s homes, livelihoods, and the region’s tourism industry, which are impacted just by the uncertainty of a new coal mine. There are more than enough existing mines to meet the demand for coal. In fact, the demand is so low that these mines are operating well under capacity. Our major markets are decreasing their use of our coal. The NSW Government is projecting ever decreasing global demand for coal. There is no future for coal. This is the wrong time for new coal mines, and absolutely the wrong place.
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    Created by Rylstone Region Coal Free Community Picture
  • Coogee Bay Hotel site - 12m and no more
    The village atmosphere of Coogee is much loved and valued by locals and visitors alike. This proposal threatens that and signing this petition will help give voice to those who do not wish to see such a large, high and obtrusive building in the foreshore area of Coogee. The Coogee Bay Hotel has lodged a development application to build a six (6) storey complex on Vicar Street along the full north-south length of the site with a height of 23.3m. A building of such height and bulk will block the views (to the bay, Wedding Cake and Dolphin Point) of many residents who live west of the site and loom over Coogee Bay Road and the scenic foreshore area. It will change the low-scale, low-key look and feel of the Coogee village centre for ever. The proposed height is twice the legislated planning height limit of 12m. It should be noted that other new developments in Coogee Bay Road have complied with this requirement. In 2009, the State Government appointed the Government Architect to review development proposals put forward by the Coogee Bay Hotel. The Government Architect concluded that the proposals were too high for the site as they - - broke the established 3-4 storey built form for the Coogee Bay Village, - intruded into the view catchment and - placed too much bulk into the valley floor. There are other significant issues relating to set-backs, traffic impact, inadequate on-site parking and impact on heritage properties in Coogee Bay Road.
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    Created by Coogee Resident
  • Stop the welfare bill!
    It is undeniable that the ‘mutual’ obligations system needs a major overhaul at the very least, but this bill is not the way to do it. It introduces hundreds of pages of amendments without any substantive positive change, and the government hasn’t given anyone enough time to fully think through the consequences of these changes. Ever since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the government has suspended mutual obligations during periods of lockdown. This is an admission that mutual obligations make things harder for the unemployed and underemployed, so it makes zero sense that at the same time they're trying to make it even tougher through this bill. In addition, research shows that if you do mutual obligations it is harder to get a job. There is hard evidence to back up this claim, so these changes appear to be nothing more than purely ideological. This is a dramatic overhaul of a law that is crucial to protecting vulnerable people and the department can’t even explain the potential implications of some of these changes. The PJCHR raised many concerns about this and the need for more information. There are numerous worrying changes proposed in this bill, including; Removal of backdating payments, potentially leaving recipients up to $457 worse off A new points based system that gives points for things like attending a job interview, which is not in a recipient’s control. Automated decision making. This won't just apply for mutual obligation penalties, it will be delaying people's payment starting at all. What happens if there's a problem with the online system? Time and time again we have seen that we can’t trust this government to implement digital solutions. Together we can expose this latest attack on unemployed people and make sure Morrison feels enough political pain to reconsider the welfare bill. But we need all of our voices. Sign our petition!
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    Created by Jeremy Heywood - AUWU
  • Jian Fang Lay for flag bearer
    Ariarne’s achievements have been amazing. What is also amazing is the country that supports a 48 year old immigrant and mother to represent her country, and that she has done well. Having Jian Fang Lay be a flag bearer is representation of who we are… yes, great swimmers, but also a diverse country of all walks.
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    Created by Stephen Lee