• Go FOGO South Perth!
    FOGO bin stands for food organics and garden organics. Having a FOGO bin means you will have 3 bins. The FOGO bin being the lime green lid holds 240 L of Food scraps, organic garden material, and any other compostable items. The recycling bin is the yellow lid that holds 240 L of recyclable materials. The general waste bin is the red lid that holds 140 L of anything that can't be recycled or placed in the FOGO bin. You should join me in this campaign to show Greg Milner that this is something that is happening now. We don't want to wait until it is a massive issue in the future. We want it sorted out now, and be able to relax and not stress for the future to come.
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    Created by Isabella Da Costa
  • Arrest the City of Newcastle (CoN) Rates Hike & Rates Spending Abuse
    1 CoN has the fifth highest residential rates in NSW and vulnerable ratepayers are under cost of living stress 2 CoN has one of the highest commercial rates in NSW and many small business, landlords, tenants and superannuation property owners are under financial stress. 3 The GM has declared that Newcastle City Council to run like a corporation. However the shareholders are reluctant ratepayers. 4 CoN is non-transparent and unaccountable in their spending 5. CoN fudges economic contribution reports such as the Supercars research to suit its self vested agendas and bad decision making. This has been validated by leading mathematician, Dr Janet Aisbett who reported that the UON Hunter Research fudged the Supercars benefits by 55%. This fudged research is still on the CoN website. 6. CoN uses city rates to instigate legal action on dissenting ratepayers, including community groups, business, staff and business organizations. Most of its legal actions have failed but some ratepayers have had to settle and suffer debilitating legal bills in fighting ratepayer injustices. 7. Even through iPart has capped rate increases to 1.2%, CoN Labor Councillors with the support of the two Newcastle Greens have unleashed a 2.5% increase on Newcastle in the 2022-23 budget. 8. Over 100 business have left the CBD because of bad CoN planning, Supercars and the Newcastle tram been routed on the main street eliminating about 1000 loading zones. 9. CoN has further penalised city traders, customers, visitors and tourists by closing down 365 carpark spaces without improving access or transport or developing a transport strategy. 10. In order to support its super loss event Supercars event CoN commissioned another economic contribution research by that was based on fallacious attendance figures and it highlighted that Newcastle ratepayers were financing flow on Supercars benefits to Hunter tourist and accommodation premises. 11. Despite community funded research that demonstrated the business devastation of Supercars CoN ignored its findings.
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    Created by Maria Charlton
  • Improved access to Pigeon House Mountain
    Most people who live in or visit the Shoalhaven would be familiar with Pigeon House Mountain - or to give it the name known by the Yuin Nation people, Didthul. The mountain was called Pigeon House by Captain Cook in 1770, because it was so noticeable even from offshore. It has long been one of the iconic attractions in the Shoalhaven. It routinely attracted hundreds of visitors per day in peak season - so much so that the car park overflowed and the approach roads were jam packed. It has been called the single most popular tourist attraction in the region, and for good reason - it is a perfect day walk and the views from the top are spectacular. After the 2019 bushfires, the mountain was closed for rehabilitation work by National Parks. This has been completed, but is not getting as much use as it might because Pigeon House is not so easy to reach any more. While the roads all over the Shoalhaven are a mess, most are still possible to drive. But the route to Pigeon House is often completely unusable without a 4WD vehicle AND a spell of clement weather of at least a few days. Even then, it may not be possible. Many visitors have ended up stranded, to be rescued by the locals. The main tourist route to Pigeon House is via Clyde Ridge Road, but the maintenance of this road is a mish-mash of responsibility. Only the first kilometre is maintained by Shoalhaven Council. The rest is maintained by State Forestry, and since the 2019 bushfires and subsequent floods has barely been maintained at all. Why not? Because Forestry is currently unable to log in the area, and will only maintain the roads for other purposes if they are paid to do so. National Parks has an interest, because it is a key access route to several National Parks, and so does the Rural Fire Service - this road was one of those critical for access during the 2019 bushfires. Under normal circumstances they all contribute to the maintenance of the road, and Forestry has asked them to do so again - but apparently to no avail, and the road has now degraded to the point where it is often impassable even with a 4WD. The locals know how to avoid the worst spots, but visitors do not and many have gotten stuck and in some cases have had their vehicles damaged by collisions with other vehicles trying to negotiate the roads. This is not good for the image of the Shoalhaven as a tourist destination. Representations to all the stakeholders - State Forestry, the Rural Fire Service, Shoalhaven Council, and the State and Federal Governments for assistance have been unsuccessful. "No money" is one common response. "Not our responsibility" is another. As is "Perhaps in a few years". Fortunately, there are people who live in the area. And it is these people who make it possible that visitors can still get to Pigeon House at all. The locals now maintain these roads and bridges, using their own equipment, in their own time, and with their own money. Their council rates apparently go to fixing other local roads in the Shoalhaven, but not their own. It should not be the responsibility of the locals to maintain these roads. Shoalhaven Council should take primary responsibility of maintaining Clyde Ridge Road and other critical roads in the area, for the sake of assisting the recovery of tourism in the Shoalhaven, and for the safety of visitors to the area.
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    Created by Ross Higson
  • Funding for Skipton: Rebuild, Recover, Reconnect!
    Now, more than ever, we want to bring life back to our regional town and harness the thriving community spirit for which we are known. The beating heart of our community has always been the Skipton Recreation Reserve. It’s the only place in the district that people can come together. To cater to current demands and further grow our community, we need a place that we can be proud of, that provides opportunities and that is accessible for all. Our community is seeking $5.7 million in Federal and State Government funding to improve the Skipton Recreation Reserve. With these funds, we will: • Build fit-for-purpose social rooms that meet current standards and are accessible for all • Improve out-of-date facilities • Make the reserve safer by improving traffic management • Build facilities that cater for female participants, guests, locals, and professional users • Ensure the main oval meets AFL guidelines and improve the netball facilities. • Build a new, inclusive playground Skipton is at a crossroads: keep moving forward and progress or become a dust bowl. These upgrades are vital to boost morale and foster social connection. Skipton wants this. Skipton needs this.
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    Created by Megan Read
  • Save Moreland's magnificent River Red Gums
    Every single tree assessed as highly significant in December 2021 by government-appointed arborists has been destroyed to make way for a giant car park at Merlynston, just 10km north of the city. These are now the only significant indigenous trees that remain standing within cooee of Merlynston Station on the Upfield Line after the Victorian Government appointed its Level Crossing Removal Project to double the size of the car park. The government is using the special powers of the LXRP to steamroll the local community and council's wishes to keep these trees. The community consultation report for the Merlynston Car Park project, obtained by residents through Freedom of Information, showed that retaining existing trees was their top priority and cited in 53 per cent of submissions to the LXRP. This unwanted car park expansion has been jointly funded by the former Scott Morrison government. In December, arborists prepared a report for the Victorian Government describing these two stunning, large trees east of Merlynston Station as highly significant and said the car park project should take all available measures to protect their roots. This was the plan, until recently. On May 31st, four months after the car park project began, the Victorian Government suddenly letterboxed residents of Bain Avenue and told them the street's two River Red Gums would be coming down within weeks . Enough is enough! Enough sham consultation with community! Enough destruction of Moreland’s significant canopy and habitat trees! Enough new car parks! Listen to us! Change your plan and spare these valuable trees!
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    Created by Merlynston Community 3058
  • Bonogin & Mudgeeraba Bus Route
    Bonogin and Mudgeeraba residents that do not drive find it difficult to socialise without relying on others to provide transport options. An extension of the existing bus service to the area will provide a means for residents to commute to Robina and other areas using the established bus/ train network. Socialising with peers improves mental health, reducing stress and anxiety and provides options for families without transport a greater quality of life, which are now further exacerbated by cost of living pressures. A bus service to Bonogin/ Mudgeeraba will also provide improved access to sporting, shopping and recreation amenities; and assist in providing access for teenagers to gain part time/ casual employment opportunities without sole reliance on others to meet transport needs. In February 2022 we received 456 signatures on our first petition. Our petition was submitted to the Minister for Main Roads and Transport on the 4.3.22. Mark Bailey did not consider this issue worthy of his time and delegated this to the General Manager of Transport Integration. A response was received on the 22.3.22, that failed to understand the basis of our request. It was suggested in the response that Bonogin is inadequate to support a stand alone service. The response failed to take into account the bus service requested was for an 'extension' to the existing bus services and is also to include for the residents of Mudgeeraba. A stand alone service was not requested nor implied in our first petition. Bonogin and Mudgeeraba are growing suburbs with an ever changing demography of young people and the elderly sharing who often are living in granny flats due to cost of living pressures. An unsatisfactory response by the Minister has lead me to reinitiate another petition in the hope that we gather a greater level of support from the community for this initiative and have our petition taken seriously.
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    Created by Owen Wade
  • Thrive on Twenty-Five. Raise the Minimum Wage.
    Petition to the Australian Fair Work Commission & Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke to immediately consider a rise in the minimum wage that is higher than the current inflation rate as of May 2022. Australian Real Progressives supports the Australian Council of Trade Unions' case for an increase in the minimum wage by 5.5% or better, given the current rate of inflation is 5.1% as an immediate need. (RBA May Chart Pack 05-2022). While Australian Real Progressives understands that the current inflation is driven in part, by worldwide supply chain disruptions, we recognise that disrupted worldwide supply chains have prompted increases in the cost of shipping that are passed on to consumers. Weather conditions across Australia have also impacted food supply - with prices 4.3 per cent higher than a year ago (ABS CPI March Quarter Data 04-22). Prices of fruit & vegetables have increased to be 6¾ per cent higher over the year-to-date (ABS 04-2022). Australian Real Progressives would like to see an increase in the Federal Minimum wage of 5.5% for each successive year until FMW reaches $25.19 (casual rate $31.49) restoring wage growth in line with productivity growth since at least the late 90s. Australian Real Progressives believes that an increase in the minimum wage will drive demand for goods that will deliver economic security for Australians, and especially those who have and are supporting the health of our economy during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It will also restore the quality of life that has been eroded and provide independence, security and dignity for all of our people. If you too, believe the minimum wage must be increased as soon as possible, please sign to support our petition.
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    Created by Darren Quinn
  • Save Ice Sports in Tasmania – A New Modern Ice Sports Centre
    Tasmania’s only ice rink has sold, closing from 22 May 2022 to be repurposed. As Australia’s southern-most state, Tasmania is ideally situated to nurture vibrant, successful and sustainable ice sports. Tasmania’s (only) ice rink currently hosts hundreds of ice hockey, figure skating and recreational skaters every week – all of whom will soon be left without a home to train, compete and play together. Ice Sports Tasmania is working tirelessly to secure a future for our ice sports but we need your help! Research outlining the benefits of participation in sport and maintaining community connection is well evidenced. A new facility means our sports can continue….and can grow to their potential. This includes opportunity to: *grow and develop ice hockey and figure skating *establish new sports such as speed skating, curling and broomball *establish school-based junior programs and vulnerable youth programs, and *establish a raft of ice sports programs for people with a disability. *But we need a new full-sized ice sports centre. Ice Sports Tasmania is already aware of an interstate investor interested in partially funding, building and operating a new, accessible and modern ice sports centre here in Hobart. An investor who shares our vision for growing and developing local ice sports while working towards establishing a future Hobart-based team in the Australian Ice Hockey League. Tasmanian ice sports are now at a crossroads. We either say goodbye to our old ice rink and our beloved ice sports or our political leaders work with the Tasmanian ice sports community and the private sector to secure the future of our sports, bring much-needed investment into Tasmania and ultimately create further opportunities for our local kids. We call on the Tasmanian Government to work with Ice Sports Tasmania, the private sector and our community to establish a new full-sized Tasmanian ice sports centre. This includes exploring a potential partnership between government and the private investor. Please sign and share this petition. With gratitude for your support, Ice Sports Tasmania
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    Created by Ice Sports Tasmania Inc Picture
  • Make Banyule an ICAN City
    The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - adopted by 122 nations in 2017 and entered into force in 2021 offers a powerful alternative to a world in which threats of mass destruction are allowed to prevail. Weapons that have been outlawed by international treaties are increasingly seen as illegitimate, losing their political status. Three out of four people want the Australian Government to sign and ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, but it hasn’t happened yet. Local councils directly represent communities and ordinary people. As with the Climate crisis, Councils have a powerful role to play in driving important change.
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    Created by Don Stokes
  • Install solar panels at GWSC
    Burning rainforests for land clearing, massive destruction of wildlife in Australian bushfires, rising sea levels causing beach erosion, unprecedented floods this year - the last few years has seen an exponential rise in the effects of global warming world over. To tackle this massive problem of climate change that we have created in the past 100 years, its time for each of us to take action. The easiest way is to generate our own electricity from renewable sources like the Sun, instead of depending on fossil fuels. Since 2018, the Victorian Government through Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA) provides upfront funding for installation of solar powered systems. Many schools around Victoria have taken advantage of this "Greener Government School Buildings" program and have reduced their footprint on the environment, and saving on their electricity cost as well. We need to act now. There is NO PLANET B!
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    Created by Atharv Das
  • ACER-GAMSAT must update their COVID and Extenuating Circumstances Policy
    Entry into Med School is a year-long process, starting with the GAMSAT. The COVID Pandemic has been ever-present since March 2020, yet in two years, ACER has not made adequate accomodations to address this issue. Countless Australians also had to deal with additional ongoing crises in the weeks surrounding GAMSAT as Australia experienced record breaking flooding on the East coast. Remote Proctoring has been offered in an incredibly limited capacity, with numerous candidates being informed that their only option is to defer their GAMSAT sitting. As such, countless candidates are being forced to delay their applications for Medical schools for a year. ACER, this is an inadequate response to the COVID Pandemic and also highlights the flaws in your extenuating circumstances policy. Your inability to provide adequate numbers of remote proctors or provide a back-up testing slot for candidates is a failure to the medical industry.
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    Created by Mallory Ledger
  • Casey Wants Julian Assange Home
    The ability of the media to report freely on matters of public interest is a crucial indicator of democracy. However this right to seek and disseminate information through an independent press is increasingly under attack. If Julian Assange, an Australian journalist can be prosecuted and imprisoned for espionage in the United States, then no media professional or citizen journalist anywhere, is safe to report information exposing government crimes. The United Nations Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, has called for Assange’s immediate release, asserting that “In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonize and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law.” Australia must advocate for one of its own citizens, now. The people of Casey want to see justice for Julian Assange and call on our elected representative to do all that he can to help bring Julian home.
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    Created by Raine Sinclair Picture