• Access for the Elderly
    Elderly residents with mobility impairment presently traverse roads, gutters, rough ground and parked & speeding vehicles to access the local bus stops from their homes
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    Created by John Donoghue
  • Allow International Students to Enter Australia
    International students suffer terribly from the travel ban. We are forced to defer because of invalid internships and in-person courses. Lots of students do not have online classes and they have to be exempted to enter Australia to schools as soon as possible. Our human rights of attending school are being deprived and leads to horrible mental illness. We therefore ask the Government to give exemptions to international students and allow them to enter Australia to continue their education on a voluntary basis.
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    Created by Elizabeth Bulaclac
  • Save the Ashburton River
    Our spiritual beliefs and cultural connection is the river system.
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    Created by Trudy Hayes
  • Gambling Advertisement on TV
    With 300000 Australians addicted to gambling it is time to assist them to resist the temptation resulting from TV advertisements by betting companies Alcohol and cigarette advertisements have been banned from Commercial TV for at least over a decade. As a result, lower road tolls as a result of drink driving has saved countless lives. Similarly declining cigarette addiction has improved the health of countless thousands and reducing health costs to the community not to mention the benefit to future generations. I believe banning betting on Commercial TV will have a lasting benefit to minimise the harmful effect to the family budget and discourage gambling addiction in the community. We lead the World with plain tobacco packaging. Now it is time to reduce the harmful effects of gambling addiction.
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    Created by Steve Tan
  • Beautify Banyule parks in Greensborough
    Our public parks are important places , but they are sad , empty spaces most if the time . The main park for community use is the RSL Memorial park and the playground and gardens next to it are lovely . The rest of the park has been poorly maintained and cared for . It should be nurtured and made into a beautiful communal space and meeting place complimenting the neighbouring community facilities . Same with parks throughout Greensborough where lawns are watered on the ovals and rubbish is thrown around and into the river near the tennis courts . We need seating and shelter throughout the parks in the main precinct and ideally benches everywhere . All busstops should have shelters and seating . Greensborough has a business and retail precinct that would benefit immensely with beautiful parks like in Heidelberg . People need safe outdoor spaces where they can rest , meet up with people , eat and take their kids and dogs safely. That means CTV cameras , lighting and pet friendly dispensers for poo bags and water like in Altona beach and other parks and sculptures , water features and a water fountain to discourage people using single use plastic water bottles and lots of bins for Kentucky and Macdonalds etc
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    Created by Romana Podhorodecki
  • Tax Non-Biodegradable Plastic
    Plastic pollution is destroying our oceans and our air quality. Often companies that produce plastic products produce a greater amount of waste than they do their actual product with a total disregard for the environment. The weight of plastic waste is often produced at a 50:50 ratio to product yield. This is only the case because raw plastic is so cheap. By introducing a non-biodegradable plastic tax, companies will be forced to explore alternatives to the current plastics on the market.
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    Created by John Bourke
  • Ban waste to energy incinerators
    There is a complete absence of WTE regulatory emission standards in NSW to the extent that European standards are being applied in all development applications. The application of these European standards may not in all circumstances be sufficiently adequate to protect the health and wellbeing of resident communities.
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    Created by Colin Bosworth
  • We need a Clean Recovery now!
    A Clean Recovery will make energy cleaner and cheaper, and create more jobs than dangerous fossil fuels like methane gas. Australia can be a clean energy superpower, proudly exporting energy from our wind, waves and sun. We can power our businesses and homes with solar, make our houses more affordable and energy efficient, and restore the natural landscapes we love. To make it a reality, we need widespread support from key politicians and community members across the country. Sign the petition for clean, affordable energy and climate-friendly jobs for people across the country.
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    Created by Olivia Stuckey
  • It's a party!: Lingiari
    Why would you ask?
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  • It's a party!: Solomon
    Why would you ask?
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  • less food going to landfill
    There are many needy people and charities who would greatly appreciate being given this perfectly good food. It is environmentally irresponsible to be unnecessarily adding such vast amounts to landfill.
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    Created by Peter Saunders
  • An Act Defining Duties and Responibilities of Politicians
    The purpose of the act would be to hold politicians to an enforceable standard of behaviour. At a time when we have witnessed appalling behaviour by politicians globally it is time that we insist on a set of standards similar to those required of company directors. The Corporations Act identifies four areas of behaviour for directors - Care and Diligence, Good Faith, Not to Improperly use their Position and Not to Improperly use Information. To not require politicians to meet at least the same standards required of directors is appallingly negligent.
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    Created by Phil Jones