• Report Katie Hopkins
    She has posted a video, claiming to be filmed in hotel quarantine in Australia, spreading misinformation about COVID and joking about flouting quarantine rules. Reports suggest she wants to go on national TV and spread these views. A responsible government would not allow this.
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    Created by Neil Fenley
  • Interview Candidates Should be Paid by Hiring Companies
    Recruitment is a dog eat dog world where a number of candidates are mismatched to company's requirements by agents causing hurt, pain, discouragement, and at times depression for candidates who have been in the market for some time in search of a job. When companies can pay recruitment agencies to source talent, why cannot companies incentivise the recruitment process for future asset pool by paying qualified candidates to be paid for each stage of interview they are part of? This will instil responsibility in all involved parties.
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    Created by Abbey Bhoria Singh
  • Please Help a Family See their Extremely Sick Mother in ICU
    Everyone deserves a family member with them when they are going through something as traumatic as this, it’s inhumane not to let at least one family member in.
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    Created by Jacqui Herbst
  • Stop Over-Development on Public Recreation play fields in Lane Cove
    Australian Unity (AU) and Lane Cove Council (LCC) plan to build a 7 storey 160 unit seniors and aged care complex on public recreation play fields at 266 Longueville rd, Lane Cove. The AU proposal is grossly incompatible in height, bulk, scale and built form with the well-established surrounding residences and the Development Control Plan for the site. The idea to build units on recreation play fields has been strongly opposed by the public. However, LCC has a $34 M interest by a 99yr lease to AU and is seen to enable maximising profits, instead of performing its usual role of protecting the surrounding Environment conservation zone and 46 families that surround the property. It shut down the Commissioner Eric Armstrong Public Hearing, when the commissioner deferred his decision pending an assessment by LCC to ensure the land is not required for future recreational needs. It then removed the “Bush Fire Prone” zoning of the land, to remove asset protection zones and increase foot print. It supported the development exceeding the councils own LEP height restriction and destruction of trees in the Environment conservation zone passing through the property. The clause removed, was formulated by the SNPP themselves. Therefore it is fully aware of what is required for compatibility. It restricts 5 levels overlooking the Golf course and re-states the height restriction and built form on the LEP to ensure no height differential with the low density residences 12m away. The amenity of the golf course and 46 residences with boundaries to these play fields are severely affected by the incompatible and uncontrolled profit maximisation of this over development. It is an injustice to the surrounding families. Demand independence, consistency and integrity from the Sydney North Planning Panel by signing this petition, now! Please spread the word!
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    Created by Darvan Sinnetamby
  • Save the Murray cod from Gardenworld
    The Murray cod follows you around in its 5foot tank and has been there for years. It’s large in size and is not for sale. It should be in the wild or in a tank large enough for it not to go insane
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    Created by Trent Jones
  • Amend NSW JP Knowledge test pass mark from the current 100% requirement
    The NSW Govt has introduced a knowledge test for new applicants and renewal of Justices of the Peace. The pass mark for the knowledge test is 100%. This is totally ridiculous as not other test in this world requires such a high pass mark - not even for surgeons, or lawyers - and this impost on a service that is totally voluntary. Many, many experienced and long-serving JPs are failing this test by even one incorrect answer and being made to re-sit the test several times until they reach the ridiculous 100% pass mark. Come on Mr Speakman. No test that you or any of your public servants who devised this rule would ever have been made to undergo such a rigours test in your entire combined careers. How about showing some common sense and lowing the pass mark to something more practical and acceptable like 80 or 85 per cent.
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    Created by Trevor Myers
  • Basketball Courts at Cooper Street Park
    It is important because it gives the kids in the local area something to do and it keeps them healthy, and play a sport that they love
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    Created by Will Price
  • Make our Crossing Safe.
    The crossing is not attached to a school therefore motorists do not realise the crossing is there. The increased traffic in the area leads to cars failing to stop at the crossing while the Crossing Supervisor is on the crossing and children are crossing. This occurs daily. We fear it is only a matter of time before someone is hurt or in fact killed.
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    Created by Emma Knuckey
  • Dandenong Ranges Telecommunication Problems
    Over a month of reception drop outs, poor speeds. The danger of this has been exacerbated by recent storms on the 9th June. For some the inability to call out during or following storms to services could potentially risk lives. Please include the telco you are with and area code if you are having problems. Let's drive this. I've selected Avonsleigh as that is where I am situated but I understand this goes beyond Avonsleigh.
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    Created by Michael James
  • Southside express bus to RBWH and QUT
    This is a common route and as it takes 2 or 3 buses to get to these places from the Southside. Many people drive as it is too frustrating going through the city and this makes sense and reduces congestion on already overcrowded platforms
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    Created by Leane Christie
  • Bachelor of Nursing degree reform
    An astonishing number of students are experiencing difficulties that are often leading to repeating units and extending the period of time to complete this degree. The University has consistently failed to address concerns raised by students, promising changes that do not occur. Many students are having to apply for review of marks with astonishing results. The purpose of this petition is to advocate for our student body, collectively gather our concerns and to advocate for an investigation into this University that is failing to provide us with a meaningful education that prepares us to transition into the workforce as Registered Nurses. Bachelor of Nursing students studying through UTAS are reporting feeling unprepared to venture into practical placement with a lack of exposure and teaching of common procedures. There is concern that the impact of this not only effects us as future RN’s but also poses a risk to patient safety.
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    Created by Sophie Allen
  • Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt
    This DA was originally approved in 2011 & was renewed in 2016 although no obvious physical work had been commenced on the site. The DA is for twin 3 story buildings & an underground car park. The site is less than 40 metres from the banks of Moona Moona Creek & is in it's immediate flood plain. The Council's Natural Resources & Floodplain Unit states that basement car parking is not recommended in flood prone land. The original flood report was prepared in 2011 & since then a new bridge has been constructed over the Creek & sea levels are rising due to climate change. Moona Moona Creek & it's mangroves are a critical hatchery for small fish & is essential for the health of Jervis Bay, the major attraction of the Shoalhaven.
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    Created by William Mark Wareham