• Bachelor of Nursing degree reform
    An astonishing number of students are experiencing difficulties that are often leading to repeating units and extending the period of time to complete this degree. The University has consistently failed to address concerns raised by students, promising changes that do not occur. Many students are having to apply for review of marks with astonishing results. The purpose of this petition is to advocate for our student body, collectively gather our concerns and to advocate for an investigation into this University that is failing to provide us with a meaningful education that prepares us to transition into the workforce as Registered Nurses. Bachelor of Nursing students studying through UTAS are reporting feeling unprepared to venture into practical placement with a lack of exposure and teaching of common procedures. There is concern that the impact of this not only effects us as future RN’s but also poses a risk to patient safety.
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    Created by Sophie Allen
  • Keep Jervis Bay Unspoilt
    This DA was originally approved in 2011 & was renewed in 2016 although no obvious physical work had been commenced on the site. The DA is for twin 3 story buildings & an underground car park. The site is less than 40 metres from the banks of Moona Moona Creek & is in it's immediate flood plain. The Council's Natural Resources & Floodplain Unit states that basement car parking is not recommended in flood prone land. The original flood report was prepared in 2011 & since then a new bridge has been constructed over the Creek & sea levels are rising due to climate change. Moona Moona Creek & it's mangroves are a critical hatchery for small fish & is essential for the health of Jervis Bay, the major attraction of the Shoalhaven.
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    Created by William Mark Wareham
  • Norman Park Ferry Service
    The loss of this service means residents have lost valuable link to the city. More people have to resort to car travel on our already congested only road to the city
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    Created by Thomas Slater
  • Solar Powered Lighting for Parks in Hobsons Bay
    To make the resident of Hobsons Bay feel safer when using the path at dawn or at night. And for the residents of Hobsons Bay to fully enjoy the green spaces provided, as well championing the fact that Hobsons Bay as a leading green energy council
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    Created by andre smith
  • Safe Access to Mornington Mountain Bike Park
    To improve safety of bike riders. Currently it is very difficult for a bike rider to cross the Mornington roundabout and busy highways across multiple lanes of traffic to gain entry to the park.
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    Created by Shelley Goodwill
  • Parks and Paths for Carlton/Dodges
    We have no local parks, reserves or footpaths, while council areas such as Clarence sets the standard. We need reserves and parks for children, parents and grandparents - a common area to value. We need footpaths for safety as mothers with strollers are forced to walk on the busy roads in the area.
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    Created by Lee Belbin
  • Path though the park at the end of Old Bass Point Road that Joins the Road to Shell Cove.
    It is important for the health and. wellbeing of the aged and disabled people who live in Old Bass Point Road who previously had a reasonable path to Harbour Boulevard. It is also a commonly used path by the residents of Shell Cove who come that way to access Shellharbour bus stops, village and beach. Walking and cycling groups use the path constantly.
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    Created by Annette Fowler
  • Build a Live Performance House in Young
    I believe YOUNG Is falling behind similar sized towns in attracting major performance shows. Griffith has had a regional theatre for some years. Leeton has announced a multi million dollar upgrade to the Roxy Theatre. People are moving from the city to regional areas and we need cultural activities to keep them here.
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    Created by Thomas Newcombe
  • Save Our Water
    Our community of Woorabinda is reliant on good quality water for our needs and having a mining company take what the want will severely deplete the Dawson River water supply.
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    Created by Wardingarri Lamalama
  • Secondary access road re-opening for Mirador estate
    There is currently only one road in and out of this estate, which traverses heavily forested areas on both sides of the road. Two entry/exit roads are mandatory under NSW planning laws. In a bushfire, there would be no escape for residents trapped in the estate. With the massive bushfires of 2020 which surrounded our area, this time bomb waiting to explode.
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    Created by Rod Macdougall
  • Pedestrian Underpass
    Imperative for the safety of children and parents escorting their children to schools
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    Created by Colin McKay
  • Scrap the 2nd M1
    The Gold Coast needs environmentally sustainable solutions to traffic problems that will protect koalas and wildlife. We have a demonstration organised outside the office of the state Environment Minister, 12 Ferry Street Nerang between 9 and 10 am on Wed 5 May. Come if you can.
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    Created by John Spencer