• SBS: All programs need subtitles! ABC iView does this, why not SBS?
    There are plenty of old and disabled people who need subtitles on the wonderful English programs on SBS. I'm disabled and blind in the left eye and half blind in the right and I need subtitles.
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    Created by Carol Huxley
  • Claim Back Community in Byron
    Short term holiday letting in residential areas is having a huge impact on communities. Many long term residents are surrounded by short term rentals which mean no consistent neighbours and loss of all that neighbourhoods have to offer. Many young people are unable to afford to buy a home in the place where they were born and their family live because short term holiday rentals have forced the price of homes out of the reach of ordinary working Australians. Many workers are unable to afford to rent near their work because of the lack of permanent rentals. Short term rentals bring greater returns to absentee landlords. Communities are suffering with the loss of permanent population influencing availability of workers, numbers of students in schools, volunteer numbers and general mental health of those who reside in communities that are consistently disrupted by partying short term renters. Having a continual turnover of strangers as neighbours is not sustainable for a community. The community of Byron Bay ask the Local and State governments to act on this issue. Ban short term holiday letting in residential areas.
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    Created by Catherine Henniker
  • Put Gender affirming top surgery on Medicare
    It’s affecting my mental and physical health, it puts me in pain everyday and it’s getting to the point we’re I can’t wear my binder for long periods of time anymore. And I don’t have the money for it
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    Created by Jordan Hockley-Cutting
  • COVID 19 Hospital Surge Support Allowance for ALL Staff
    The Victorian Government has clear guidelines for Covid 19 high-risk working areas within public hospitals. Those areas are marked as RED and Amber Zone areas. In simple terms, there is a higher risk of catching Covid 19 in those areas. But it will be only patient-facing staff who receive the surcharge, not the admin staff members who work within that area. The government also tells us that you need to work for six hours or more within those areas to be eligible for the Hospital Surge Support Allowance, but at the same time tells Victorians that it's a high risk to go and dance for an hour or attend music concerts. This policy is an apparent attempt by the Victorian Government to offer support to workers at high risk but in reality, excluding thousands of workers who work and risk their health to keep our public health system functioning. We need the Victorian Government to change this policy and make this a fair policy for all public health workers.
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    Created by Avraham Arditi
  • Dissolve recency of practise requirements for nurses
    There is obviously a massive need for more registered nurses in the healthcare system that is under an overwhelming strain. More nurses may return to their profession if given an opportunity. It does not make sense that 10 years should be a magic timeframe that you suddenly have no ability to perform your duties. If you can pass the re-entry program then surely that should enough to satisfy the Nurses board that they are safe to practise.
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    Created by Paul Klix
  • Fairfield Heights public school continued participation in P.S.S.A sport
    The N.S.W Primary School Sports Association (P.S.S.A) sporting competition provides opportunity for all students, no matter their family's financial situation to be involved in team sports. For a lot of our families, P.S.S.A sport may be the only team sports children are able to participate in due to the costs associated with outside club sports. Our school is located in a low socio economic area with a high non English speaking back ground and refugee community. P.S.S.A allows everyone to be involved. Our local government area was the focal point of the N.S.W 2021 Sydney lockdown and our children need to return to our normal school routines wherever possible. We as a community value the many benefits gained through sport including those to health and personal development, working as part of a team, sportsmanship and fun and we want our children to continue to enjoy P.S.S.A sport.
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    Created by Melanie King
  • Listen to the Kids - Build a Mountain Bike Track to Support our Physical and Mental Health
    Canada Bay Council should build us a track for our Mountain Bikes, this is so kids stay active, fit and social while in lockdown and out of lockdown, in a way that we enjoy on our bikes and in the sun. We have nowhere to go to ride our bikes, riding our bikes is the only thing that keeps us from staying inside all day on our devices.
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    Created by Giorgio Altomonte
  • Redevelopment of the Bribie Island Aquatic Leisure Centre
    According to the WHO guidelines, 40% of Australians are classified as inactive. The costs to the health care system of inactivity related disease and illness is enormous. The burden of disease for Bribie Island and surrounding communities is already relatively high compared to neighbouring jurisdictions due an older population and people from low socio-economic backgrounds. Public pools can help reduce morbidity and mortality. Learn to swim, aquatherapy, aquarobics, lap or squad swimming, school carnivals and specifically tailored activities not only improves individual well-being, their provision can also contribute positively to the broader community socially and economically.
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    Created by Carole Rushton
  • Ventilation for NSW schools
    We want the kids back to school. We want our schools to be safe. My kids contracted COVID-19 at school despite current COVID Safe measures. Ventilation in schools has been highlighted as a key factor in mitigating the risk of airborne transmission. Vaccination is only part of the solution. Expert groups such as OzSAGE have expressed concern over the current Department of Education ventilation strategies (mainly opening windows). Our kids and teachers deserve the same attention to air quality as our Politicians.
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    Created by Yasmin Matthews
  • Samford Road Wildlife Tree Bridges
    This is important because many wildlife lives are killed with intent and some not. Adding these bridges for marsupials will lower the death toll for all species along this road and reduce the decline of our wildlife populations
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    Created by Conserve AU
  • Save Alligator Creek swimming hole camp ground
    The National Park is undergoing a rebuild and we want it to include the camp ground which had been there for over 40 years. At present there are no plans to put it in place
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    Created by Paula Ridley
  • Convert Miranda park into a dog park
    There’s no time like now where the community’s health, safety and wellbeing is necessary to prioritise and should be at the forefront of our community leaders with respects to decision making that impacts the wider community. - The park is conveniently located for locals and therefore many dog owners - The park is significant in size and there is ample space to accommodate several dogs and their owners safely (for example ensuring social distancing and enabling owners to train their dogs) - There are no paths, children’s play equipment or seating area that would otherwise suggest an alternate purpose for this park - There are many other safe, child friendly parks scattered throughout the neighbourhood, should this be the reasoning as to why this request should not be supported
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    Created by Jasdeep Daheley