• Re-open the former Geelong Private Hospital
    In light of the need for medical assistance during the COVID-19 epidemic it is not acceptable to have a 107 bed hospital sitting doing nothing. This hospital is set to be reopend by the Victorian Govt and it is time to this now rather than in a few years time!
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    Created by Will Mac
  • “Say Hello with Namaste and Goodbye to Handshake”
    This is to (re)introduce very basic yet crucial health hygiene, as well as a beautiful way to greet people. (Please sign this campaign and take a moment to share it with others via email, social media or good old fashioned word of mouth.)
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    Created by Pratap KATARYA
  • Rescind Bettina Arndt’s Order of Australia honour.
    'On Friday, she took to Twitter in support of Queensland detective Mark Thompson, who was taken off the case after saying investigators had an open mind on whether Queensland man Rowan Baxter may have been “driven too far” before he doused his family in petrol and set them alight.' She has also previously remarked 'that a scoutmaster who sexually abused boys was “a good bloke” and said “such minor abuse rarely has lasting consequences”.' (quoted from the New Daily https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2020/02/24/bettina-arndt-david-hurley/amp/ ) There is an epidemic amongst males that they have to protect their masculinity by UNDERMINING others, AGGRESSIVE behaviour or DOMINATING situations and others when they feel they masculinity threatened. It is childish but more importantly it is a mental illness and is what leads to violence, and pack mentality. Violence against women and KIDS especially has NO EXCUSES and such a person doesn't deserve the Order of Australia because we cannot allow this to represent the views or values of the nation.
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    Created by E Kh
  • Saint Brigid's Primary School Camps
    The students look forward to their camps each year with much joy. School camp offers a structured opportunity for children to grow. This experience allows kids to become independent and self-confident, while socialising and making new friends, and even learning new skills. The children often look forward to this experience from grade prep through to when they are finally old enough to attend. Due to excess enrolment numbers Saint Brigid's Primary School has decided that grade three and five children will no longer be able to attend school camps. The school held a meeting with the students ‘about school camp’ recently. The grade three, four, five and six children were gathered together where they were told that for half of the children in the room there would be no camp, this was very upsetting for them. Many parents telling the story of children crying after school as they were so upset. The school has a view that the children will equally receive these opportunities with an ‘activity week’ at school is met with resistance from both students and parents. Although it will be a fun and rewarding experience, the children are unlikely to get the benefits and excitement of a camp. The locations of the planned camps are of disappointment also. With only two camps now offered in the children’s primary years it is disappointing that the ones on offer do not include either Sovereign Hill or Canberra. A school excursion to Canberra is considered a rite of passage for many Australian students. Students visit many attractions including the Museum of Australian Democracy, Parliament House, the High Court and, of course, a highlight for many — Questacon. More than 100,000 school students get first-hand knowledge of democracy and lawmaking on a visit to Parliament House every year, a truly unique and beneficial education experience – one that our children will no longer be offered. It is so disappointing to think that due to the growth in our school population our children will no longer be given the opportunity to: a. Participate in school camps for two of their four last years of primary school b. Visit Canberra and the unique education experience it (they will also not be attending Sovereign Hill in Ballarat – another important education experience for students). We would like the Saint Brigid's Primary School reconsider: • The cancellation of school camp for our grade 3 and 5 students. • The ceasing of a school camp to Canberra for our senior students.
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    Created by Saint Brigid's Parents
  • Government Accountability - National Wage
    Government are attacking everything that made Australia Fair You made me irrelevant in proceeding breaching my Human Rights, yet you are the ones who really are irrelevant. Your attacks on Welfare, Pensions and the hard minimum wage earners whom make you successful is a disgrace Unions who do you represent, I asked for your help, the correct National Wage was not a choice, Absolute Theory can not be wrong. I represent you where no other would please sign my Petition, I’m here to keep them accountable they are destroying us This is not just a dispute it’s the Solution Thank You Robert Paturzo-Elliott
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  • Save the Mount Gravatt Green Space
    The green space between Clough St and Middleton St has been used by local residents for generations as a safe place to have a family picnic, kick a footy, play with your dog and ride a bike. It is also a great place to wander through and watch our local wildlife as they use the 100 year old gum trees. The recent construction of units and townhouses in our local area has also significantly increased the use of this green space. For our local community this is the only large, flat area of its kind, away from busy main roads that provides a safe place for our kids and pets to play. The land is currently owned by the Department of Education, and is proposed to be developed into a 40-vehicle staff car park for the Nursery Road State Special School. This proposal will result in increased traffic through our narrow residential streets; the loss of green space and recreation area; and loss of old gums, vegetation and wildlife. This green space is very important to our local community. Please support this petition and encourage the state and local governments to provide a solution that permanently protects this area from development, and ensures it remains a park for the Mount Gravatt community for generations to come.
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  • Stop logging what is left of NSW and Victoria’s native forest
    Our native wildlife has lost hectares of native forest in the recent bushfires. To allow logging of our national parks threatens the very survival of our unique Australian Wildlife. We stand on the brink.
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    Created by lou sher
  • Aboriginal Land and Fire management task force.
    The aboriginal community understand this land. While our fire and land management practices may be sufficient they could be better. For the sake of the community, our flora and fauna it would be of benefit to work with the first nation people to see if we could improve our practices.
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    Created by Terri Ayliffe
  • RELEASE Australia's withheld water supplies NOW
    AUSTRALIA IS NOT RUNNING OUT OF WATER... IT IS BEING SOLD FOR PROFIT ! Let's stop arguing about whether climate change is real or a hoax, it really doesn't matter any more. Australia is in a catastrophic state of emergency and if these water mis-use practices are not immediately ceased, the situation will become even more disastrous.
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    Created by Baba Lala
  • No more fireworks for Australia
    Change one small step at a time is what this country and world needs .We can no longer sustain out old practises and this seems to be a good place to start as we all work towards a brave new world ..
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    Created by Lynne Fitzsimmons
  • Stop the commercial mining and sale of Australia's Great Artesian water
    Selling The Great Artesian water supply for commercial profit while the country shrivels and dies is not in any way aligned with providing water resources for the benefit of the majority
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    Created by Bob Lee
  • Cowper says save the ABC!
    “Being a new mum, I trust it with my child's happiness and development. Bluey is brilliant, and Play School has been part of my life for almost 40 years.” Mereki, local resident of Cowper The ABC keeps our country safe in times of crisis. It helps us stay informed with stories we can trust. It holds truth to power at a time when misinformation is on the rise. It educates our children. Many Cowper locals grew up with the ABC and depend on it daily, so it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. We need to act now before it’s too late - $783 million has already been cut from the ABC’s budget in the period of 2014-2022, over 250 jobs have been slashed and countless programmes have been axed.* The October Budget is a crucial moment for the ABC. Reports in the media are suggesting further cuts are to be expected, pushing the ABC’s future into even more doubt. The ABC is the most trusted news source in the country. It brings our community together, it’s there for us in the darkest of times. We need Mr Conaghan to stand up for the ABC now, before it’s too late. * 'ABC loses $783m funding since 2014 when Coalition made its first cuts – report', The Guardian, 4 May 2020
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