• Ventilation for NSW schools
    We want the kids back to school. We want our schools to be safe. My kids contracted COVID-19 at school despite current COVID Safe measures. Ventilation in schools has been highlighted as a key factor in mitigating the risk of airborne transmission. Vaccination is only part of the solution. Expert groups such as OzSAGE have expressed concern over the current Department of Education ventilation strategies (mainly opening windows). Our kids and teachers deserve the same attention to air quality as our Politicians.
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    Created by Yasmin Matthews
  • Samford Road Wildlife Tree Bridges
    This is important because many wildlife lives are killed with intent and some not. Adding these bridges for marsupials will lower the death toll for all species along this road and reduce the decline of our wildlife populations
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    Created by Conserve AU
  • Save Alligator Creek swimming hole camp ground
    The National Park is undergoing a rebuild and we want it to include the camp ground which had been there for over 40 years. At present there are no plans to put it in place
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    Created by Paula Ridley
  • Convert Miranda park into a dog park
    There’s no time like now where the community’s health, safety and wellbeing is necessary to prioritise and should be at the forefront of our community leaders with respects to decision making that impacts the wider community. - The park is conveniently located for locals and therefore many dog owners - The park is significant in size and there is ample space to accommodate several dogs and their owners safely (for example ensuring social distancing and enabling owners to train their dogs) - There are no paths, children’s play equipment or seating area that would otherwise suggest an alternate purpose for this park - There are many other safe, child friendly parks scattered throughout the neighbourhood, should this be the reasoning as to why this request should not be supported
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    Created by Jasdeep Daheley
  • Skatepark in Caulfield park
    Young teenagers and young kids love skateboarding, Skateboarding is now in the Olympics. A lot of people got influenced to start skateboarding from the Olympics and there are no skateparks around them to skateboard in there area.
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    Created by Dean Cohenka
  • Save Butler Reserve. Byron Bay
    This green space is home to many species of birds and animals. During the recent closure of the reserve these birds and animals were often found distressed by the encroachment on their homeland. Butler Reserve has been used by all locals. Elderly people who were born in nearby homes and have lived there all their lives use it to walk safely often with their pets.. Until the council prevented access to the Reserve youngsters regularly played cricket , football and other games as it is the only safe space large enough for this use in the area. Thousands of people benefit ( local vendors, shop keepers ,musicians and tourists) from both the Monthly and weekly Farmer's markets. Butler Reserve provides a tranquil space during the very busy tourist times. Again before access was closed artists could be found painting or musicians playing and writing in solace. Experimental attempts at providing a carpark on this reserve have all failed. During the past it has been opened as a free carpark which led to overuse by van dwellers who while they attempted to treat the land with respect had no facilities provided by Council. Therefore rubbish and human waste became a problem. The Reserve was then transformed into a paid carpark and was immediately underused and remained so until this scheme was also abandoned by Council. It is clear that the carpark idea does not work and should not be implemented. Greenspace is a form of social capital that is evidently highly valued by all councils in other LGA's eg. Gold Coast. In fact it is also apparent that these public green spaces are highly valued in all country towns even those where available water is an issue. They reflect the underlying values of a town and their leaders. Increasing they are being seen a highly important for the wholistic health of people, mental, physical and spiritual. Please accept this as a sincere and worthwhile platform for abandoning any plans for a carpark on Butler Reserve.
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    Created by Darryl Henniker
  • Electric Buses Now.
    Every minute buses pollute our community and drive demand for more fossil fuels. In 2021 we think electrifying our buses sets a strong message and shows leadership.
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    Created by nicolas farrar
  • Local Riders Need an Area to Build Dirt Jumps
    Building these dirt jumps will allow the community to have fun, progress their skills, be active and exercising, enjoying time with fellow riders and shredding.
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    Created by Isaac Wood
  • Save Austin Butler Way Reserve .Woy Woy
    This is a much loved reserve, housing ancient Melaleuca trees which feed and house many creatures, including threatened species such as bats, mardys, parrots and even rare frogs have been sited in this area. This area must be saved. These trees create a much loved sanctuary for locals and visitors. Woy Woy has by far more car parks than can be deemed necessary. These trees are ancient Australian natives. in a time of global warming, pandemics, lockdowns, and hardship, such beautiful environmentally sensitive pockets of land like this should not only be saved but nurtured and treasured by local councils, as it is by many locals. Loads of visitors who come to visit the brilliant sporting facilities that have been recently upgraded, which are adequately catered for not only parking wise, stay to see this safe haven for many creatures. The pelicans at the waterfront are a delightful attraction not only loved by locals but by many visitors and tourists. This is a time when we should be planting more trees, not tearing them down.
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    Created by Rozzi Taylor
  • Provide Free Flu Vaccines to People with Egg Allergies
    The Government funds vaccination against seasonal influenza for eligible Australians, including Australians over the age of 65. But one group of Australians miss out on this vital service – unless they pay for it themselves. Australians with an egg allergy are simply not able to take the vaccines currently provided by the Government under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). If they do they may suffer serious allergic reactions. In 2021, four vaccines are funded under this program. Other vaccines are available, but only on the private market. One of these is Flucelvax Quad. This is a new cell-based vaccine approved for use in Australia. Flucelvax Quad is suitable for people with an egg allergy. However it is not covered by the NIP, despite requests for it to be included. This is unfair to the thousands of Australians who because of allergic reaction cannot take the vaccines presently covered. There has been no explanation from the Government as to why this vaccine is available on the private market, but not included in the NIP. The Government needs to expand the coverage of the NIP as a matter of priority. All Australians need to have access to flu vaccination. Flu is a very serious illness and causes hundreds of fatalities every year. Some years are worse and the level of fatalities can be high. It is both dangerous to the individuals concerned, and to the wider community, if a considerable segment of the population may be prevented from flu vaccination because of financial cost involved. Good public health policy would ensure these people are covered under the NIP. The Government needs to address this serious gap in our health system. The petition urges the Prime Minister and Government to expand the coverage of the NIP urgently. Please sign the attached petition and let’s get some positive action on protecting Australians with an egg allergy from the ravages of influenza.
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    Created by Ben Gershon
  • Make Cross Road Safe: support Waite Rd traffic lights
    Each day thousands of local residents, families, aged care residents and their visitors and care workers; employees at Adelaide Uni Waite campus, the CSIRO, the childcare centre, and 3 aged care facilities; cyclists, pedestrians and commuters risk their lives crossing, entering, leaving Cross Road against speeding traffic between Fullarton Road and the M1, A1, A 17 intersection. This is a major safety issue for all of us, as well as those transiting the local area. This section of Cross Road has become a rat run and needs to be brought under control for our ability to work and live Safely.
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    Created by Claire Aitchison
  • Save Our Southwest Old Growth Forests
    WA's Old Growth Forests are a national treasure and right now they are being logged for low value products such as charcoal production and woodchips. These low value products are much more suited to plantation timber for their production. Our Old Growth should be preserved to maintain its unique biodiversity.
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    Created by Ted Jackson