• Save Rylstone Region from Coal Exploration
    The rural greenfields, pristine bushland and forests in the region borders the Wollemi National Park, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The region is home to endangered flora and fauna, prime agricultural lands, and precious water sources. These are all under threat, along with people’s homes, livelihoods, and the region’s tourism industry, which are impacted just by the uncertainty of a new coal mine. There are more than enough existing mines to meet the demand for coal. In fact, the demand is so low that these mines are operating well under capacity. Our major markets are decreasing their use of our coal. The NSW Government is projecting ever decreasing global demand for coal. There is no future for coal. This is the wrong time for new coal mines, and absolutely the wrong place.
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  • Coogee Bay Hotel site - 12m and no more
    The village atmosphere of Coogee is much loved and valued by locals and visitors alike. This proposal threatens that and signing this petition will help give voice to those who do not wish to see such a large, high and obtrusive building in the foreshore area of Coogee. The Coogee Bay Hotel has lodged a development application to build a six (6) storey complex on Vicar Street along the full north-south length of the site with a height of 23.3m. A building of such height and bulk will block the views (to the bay, Wedding Cake and Dolphin Point) of many residents who live west of the site and loom over Coogee Bay Road and the scenic foreshore area. It will change the low-scale, low-key look and feel of the Coogee village centre for ever. The proposed height is twice the legislated planning height limit of 12m. It should be noted that other new developments in Coogee Bay Road have complied with this requirement. In 2009, the State Government appointed the Government Architect to review development proposals put forward by the Coogee Bay Hotel. The Government Architect concluded that the proposals were too high for the site as they - - broke the established 3-4 storey built form for the Coogee Bay Village, - intruded into the view catchment and - placed too much bulk into the valley floor. There are other significant issues relating to set-backs, traffic impact, inadequate on-site parking and impact on heritage properties in Coogee Bay Road.
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    Created by Coogee Resident
  • Stop the welfare bill!
    It is undeniable that the ‘mutual’ obligations system needs a major overhaul at the very least, but this bill is not the way to do it. It introduces hundreds of pages of amendments without any substantive positive change, and the government hasn’t given anyone enough time to fully think through the consequences of these changes. Ever since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the government has suspended mutual obligations during periods of lockdown. This is an admission that mutual obligations make things harder for the unemployed and underemployed, so it makes zero sense that at the same time they're trying to make it even tougher through this bill. In addition, research shows that if you do mutual obligations it is harder to get a job. There is hard evidence to back up this claim, so these changes appear to be nothing more than purely ideological. This is a dramatic overhaul of a law that is crucial to protecting vulnerable people and the department can’t even explain the potential implications of some of these changes. The PJCHR raised many concerns about this and the need for more information. There are numerous worrying changes proposed in this bill, including; Removal of backdating payments, potentially leaving recipients up to $457 worse off A new points based system that gives points for things like attending a job interview, which is not in a recipient’s control. Automated decision making. This won't just apply for mutual obligation penalties, it will be delaying people's payment starting at all. What happens if there's a problem with the online system? Time and time again we have seen that we can’t trust this government to implement digital solutions. Together we can expose this latest attack on unemployed people and make sure Morrison feels enough political pain to reconsider the welfare bill. But we need all of our voices. Sign our petition!
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    Created by Jeremy Heywood - AUWU
  • Jian Fang Lay for flag bearer
    Ariarne’s achievements have been amazing. What is also amazing is the country that supports a 48 year old immigrant and mother to represent her country, and that she has done well. Having Jian Fang Lay be a flag bearer is representation of who we are… yes, great swimmers, but also a diverse country of all walks.
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  • Education for students struggling academically
    Not all children learn at the same pace, it’s important that these children who are struggling academically to be able to attend a school locally that offers alternative education
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    Created by Franca Di Pasquale
  • Ban Punjabi Abusive Artist Dilpreet Dhillon from Entering Australia, Canada & UK
    It’s easy to talk about these issues at a macro level, you don’t have to take a stand. You make no enemies, but I’m not here to be liked, I’m here to do the right thing. To point out exactly how messed up this is, especially after now having heard from 100+ Punjabi and South Asian women about their abuse. In 2020 famous singer Dilpreet Dhillon (2 million followers) beat up his partner so badly he bruised her and left her with black eyes. Then he made a 40 minute+ video (now deleted) crying and asking people to stay out of his private life (after his partner was brave & went public). That’s right - No apology. No recognition of his abusive behaviour. Nothing. I couldn’t believe it. What’s worse? Within months he released songs with female leads - Gurlej Akhtar & Barbie Mann - one called “Cute Jeha” and now with one of Punjab’s biggest pop stars - Karan Aujla (500 million views+). Literally no one has boycotted this singer. No one. I believe people get a second chance, I believe we make mistakes and are all a little messed up in some ways. But redemption happens after you fully understand what you’ve done, publicly acknowledge it and show us you’ve changed. This man has not, instead he complained about the momentary reputation so damage and immediately released new music. The fact that this man got away with such horrific physical abuse is awful but the fact that women like Barbie Maan, Gurlej Akhtar & Karan Aujila couldn’t care less? That Punjabi diaspora across the world have not boycotted them or held them accountable? That shows you the deep rooted problems in our culture. The patriarchy is very real. We can abuse our women but we can’t ever humiliate our men or hold them accountable. They will be fine, and as for us women? Chup kar [be quiet] and listen to Cute Jeha [cute boy] ft Barbie Maan. It’s #SouthAsianHeritageMonth and one thing I’m proud of as a Punjabi? Standing up for the right thing. To speak up. We must also acknowledge the problematic aspects if we are to change them. We can’t tuck this under the rug. I would like my fellow diaspora Punjabis and allies to #DilpreetDhillonBoycott I also would like to request the Canadian, Australian & British government to put a ban on his entry when he inevitably shows up to tour his caste-ist bakwaas music post COVID. We need to call this type of behaviour out and demand better, my heart continues to break every time I talk to a woman in our community who has been abused. The acceptance of people like Dilpreet sets the conditions to normalise their fate. Many have asked why his partner has not filed a case? You see when she went public she thought people would get behind her, instead she thousands of threats and abuse from his fans. And she feels, like many women I spoke to at Soul House in Melbourne, that it’s up to Karma and God. Karma and god may have their say someday but right now this man is still highly successful and his career has only gone from strength to strength. Indian authorities may take no action, his fans may try to protect him but we as a collective have power to send a message. Australia, Canada and UK have very strong public campaigns & legislation against Domestic Violence. No it’s not just “a or ate matter” as Dilpreet and his fans claim. Domestic Violence is violence. Harvey Weinstein is a disgraced figure in the US. Gurbaksh Chahal (who hit his girlfriend 100+ times) is a disgraced figure in the US. Yet somehow Dilpreet Dhillon, a famous Punjabi singer has faced no repercussions since violently abusing his wife in 2020. This was all in the public domain in India. Let’s take a stance and ask our immigration ministers to issue a statement banning the entry of this ban based on publicly available information. Creatives! We need you, where the system fails - art is often more powerful. Share a 3 min or less parody song or sketch - you can use any of Dilpreet’s songs for inspiration with the #DilpreetDhillonBoycott What is a parody? an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect need ideas ? Check out this example about JEEP https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5sVmoOZRypk and this one about 1000 tampons https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OTnQ6N-K05s About the Pope https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcpc7TQxlNs
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  • Mental Health Unit for Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre
    When you first come to the prison, you have nobody. If you have mental health issues, they send you to a locked cell with nothing and you just sit there 23 hours a day and only allowed out once a day. This is not good enough. Being in a cell trapped with mental health issues is not good, it causes bad thoughts and more trauma. They abuse people if they have mental health issues. They make a joke if you have mental health issues and deal with self harm. You feel lonely and abandoned. They restrain you and make you feel more traumatised. I would love if they have a mental health unit but you have officer there and mental health professionals. If you tell people stuff in there right now about your mental health, they lock you up in a small room with no social and sit there crying all day. We are treat like animals, we are made to eat our meals without plastic spoons or forks or anything. We are treated worse than dogs.
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    Created by S Thompson
  • Fire protection licensing changes in Queensland will impact small business.
    These changes have the potential to have qualified fire professionals not able to continue with routine maintenance and reporting after November 1. This transitioning period is not adequate, the transitioning period needs to be in line with the time that it will take to upskill to the required new level of qualification to ensure that all current qualified and licensed technician's are not disadvantaged. For example, for technicians to continue to service a un-pumped hydrant after the November 1, they will need to have completed Certificate III in Fire Protection CPC32820 - this is a 3-year apprenticeship. Jobs could be lost, small fire protection companies may see the only option is to close and ANY business that uses these facilities will see an increase in prices for these services. On a recent review of 30 fire protection business against the new QBCC requirements, only 5 large organisations are ready for the changes. We encourage you to sign this petition to show Hon Michael (Mick) de Brenni that these changes will impact all business and fire service technicians and they need to be reviewed.
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    Created by Therese Walker
  • Re-route 811/812 bus route away from Roslyn Street Brighton
    There appears to be strong support in the local community for this change, and there are upcoming catalyst that will force temporary changes that we would like to make permanent. The basis for this demand is that Roslyn Street represents a clear anomaly as it is narrow, and where an alternate arterial road (Hampton Street) is a very short distance away and would allow the bus to follow essentially the same route without impacting passenger amenity. Hampton street is 5+ meters wider with separate lanes for traffic and marked and designated parking lanes. Additionally I have been informed that major sewer repair all along this section is imminent and the bus route will be impacted, hence I see a catalyst to make this permanent and not temporary if we can act with speed now. Other infrastructure works are upcoming - in the week of July 12th there is sewer pipe repair. In discussions with the workers, it was raised that the entire sewer line along Roslyn street is likely to be replaced in some months. This would disrupt traffic extensively and if this petition can occur sooner than later we may be able to get the bus permanently re-routed and use this sewer works as a catalyst to drive this change.
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    Created by Andrew Schutz
  • Save Kuluin OSHC From Being Outsourced!
    Kuluin OSHC is an award-winning OSHC and it is an outrage that the P & C want to outsource this to a corporate entity. Pam, Josh and the team at Kuluin OSHC have created a safe and happy place for our children and outsourcing it would be absolutely devastating for the children and families.
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    Created by Kristy Neal
  • Protect the trees in Cotton Tree Park
    We need our local species of trees protected and especially where there are such old specimens, they need replacing straight away. We need to voice our concerns over small, incidious alterations to our green spaces, before it is too late.
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    Created by Kay Maclean
  • Install powerline markers in protected bird flight paths
    Yet another precious life prematurely taken and found underneath high voltage powerlines in the middle of a sanctuary. Australian Pelicans along with other large bird species that hit powerlines suffer greatly in their final moments from broken wings as a consequence of hitting these power lines during flight. AMWRRO has documented secondary breaks to beaks and legs, as a consequence of hitting the ground at speed and from such a great height. These accidents often occur in isolated/inaccessible areas making observations of these incidents rare and any response time delayed if at all. AMWRRO has over the years requested for these lines to be marked via “flexible reflective discs” or “powerline marker balls” that will help birds identify these hazards in known flight paths and over sensitive areas such as sanctuaries. Unfortunately our requests to date have fallen of deaf ears and thousands of birds have been killed prematurely! You may ask yourself why haven't these been installed sooner? - cost and effort to maintain such devices; its a simple as that. Please sign this petition to help save thousands of lives that have ended prematurely, unnecessarily and in an enormous amount of pain and suffering.
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    Created by Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organisation Picture