• Free Robert Pether
    Robert Pether is an Australian citizen, husband and father, employed by Dubai-based company, CME Consulting. Robert was working on a project for the CME's client, the Central Bank of Iraq. The project was hit by delays and increased costs due to the COVID pandemic and a dispute arose whereby the Iraqi government demanded the return of $12 million USD paid to CME Consulting. Robert travelled to Iraq with his colleague, Egyptian Engineer Khalid Zhagoul, on behalf on CME Consulting and by invitation from the Central Bank of Iraq - to a meeting to discuss the resolution of the industrial dispute. When Robert and Khalid arrived in Iraq, there was no actual meeting. Instead they were arrested on 7 April and subjected to over 3 months of arbitrary detention before being sentenced to 5 years jail time and fined 12 million USD. The contract between CME Consulting and the client, the Central Bank of Iraq, was a FIDIC Contract (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) of which one of the fundamental principles is that employees hold no personal liability. Robert Pether and his colleague Khalid Zhagoul are employees who have been charged response to the Central Bank of Iraq's allegations against their employer, CME Consulting. Denied access to their laptops, official documents and with insufficient access to their lawyers, Robert Pether and Khalid Zhagoul were incapable of launching a sufficient defence at their trial. They now have until 24 September 2021 to launch an appeal, without sufficient access to representation and supporting documents. This is, essentially, a thinly veiled hostage situation where two employees have been imprisoned and fined the exact amount - 12 million USD - that was in dispute between their employer CME Consulting and the client, the Central Bank of Iraq. As they will not be released unless the fine is paid it is also, in all probability, a life sentence. Please sign this petition to put pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Senator Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs, to take action and intervene in this gross violation of human rights.
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    Created by Clare Evans
  • Repeal the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021
    The Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 grants the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) the power to modify, add, copy, or delete data, on a person’s online accounts. 
So what this means is that the AFP can log into your Email, your Facebook, Instagram any other social media, and not only view it but actually alter it however they want. They can send emails on your behalf, they can post things on your behalf, they can engage in criminal activity on your behalf in order to reach their objective. And if they want to throw you under the bus, you’re just collateral damage. This will not only turn Australia into a bigger surveillance state, but it will make the government the enemy of Australians. Do you really want to live in a country where the government controls every online account you have? Here's the URL for the Bill https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/Bills_Search_Results/Result?bId=r6623
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    Created by Paul Liddle
  • Keep Ya Ya’s coffee cart at Urangan Pier Park Markets
    Consumers right to choose, Fair Trade, Anti Bullying. This discussion sets a precedent that has the potential to negatively impact upon any stall holder at the markets.
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    Created by Tracy Diamond
  • Affordable housing through long term leases
    Housing affordability in Australia has never been worse; even many people with fulltime employment are struggling to be able to find an affordable rental, let alone buy a place to call home! I believe that one of the biggest, and most ignored drivers of this lack of affordability is the short-term leases that are offered to residential tenants across Australia. My wife and I were fortunate enough, thanks to a very generous gift from a relative, to buy a house a few years ago, but we spent well over a decade on the rental rollercoaster. We were constantly offered 6month leases on properties, and lived in fear of being evicted at short notice through no fault of our own. We were at the mercy of our landlord, and a lease period barely long enough to settle in to a place before potentially being asked to move out! This lack of security was one of the main reasons we were desperate to buy a home; had we known we had stable residency for a number of years we wouldn't have felt the same pressure to leave the rental market. I know we're not alone in this; many of the friends I've spoken to feel exactly the same way, and if you're reading this I'm sure you can relate. Short-term residential leases drive up the cost of housing in 2 ways. Firstly, they allow landlords to frequently increase the rent on their property, not because their costs have increased, but simply because they can. Residents can either accept the increase, or deal with the cost and stress of relocating (moving house is recognised as one of the most stressful life experiences). This means that many tenants will simply have to shoulder the rent increase, and the knowledge that they are potentially faced with an ongoing series of future rent increases. And so the cost of rental housing goes up. Secondly, the insecurity around residential rental means that, like my wife and I, many people will feel that their only option to find stability and build a "home" is to buy one. This leads to an increase in buyers in the property market, who might otherwise have been quite happy to simply rent if they had security of tenure. An increase in demand (more buyers) in the property market inevitably drives purchase prices up. And so we have a double-whammy of housing inflation, all linked back to the same problem of lack of security in residential properties. When we look at places like Europe, many people do not own a home, and have no desire to, because they have residential leases that can be anything up to 99years in duration. They have security of tenure; whether they own the building or not, they have a sense of stability, and a place which is their "home". These countries do not have the hyper-inflation of the housing market which we see in Australia. In Australia we offer businesses long-term leases with the option to extend their tenure, and it allows the commercial property market to operate at a profit whilst allowing business tenants to have the necessary security to run their business. Surely we can extend the same practices to residential properties too?! Housing is a basic human right, and one we as Australians are doing a very poor job of providing. We have fallen into the trap of seeing a house as simply a way to make money, rather than a place for someone to live. It's time we made a change for the better, for everyone. Let's make it mandatory for long-term residential leases to be offered to all tenants!
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    Created by Steven Hinchliffe
  • Legal Street Art Spaces
    People should join in our campaign for legal street art places because some places that have graffiti are ruined so we want a place where all graffiti can go without ruining any buildings.
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    Created by Luke Durkin
  • Kids Play Area over 25yrs old - Upgrade Needed!
    New and improved play ground needed for kids. Removal of sand with rubber ground. Sun shade needed. Bins needed. Fencing as close to road. Very disappointed- locals say it has not been upgraded in over 25years.
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    Created by Nella Demar
  • Upgrade Como Dog Park
    We have only a handful of places in the Shire where the community and their dogs can enjoy some off leash playtime. Carina Bay reserve/Como Dog Park is probably the best of the lot but is still not good enough. It is long overdue for a face lift and for the off leash restrictions to be changed. With the number of registered and unregistered dogs continually increasing, we need better facilities and more space. We also want this space to be made inclusive for all walks of life. If you agree with the changes that we are trying to make, please help us by signing this petition.
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    Created by Karlee Putterill
  • More green bicycle light phases for Wilson St Cycleway
    This prioritisation of the mostly vehicular traffic turning into Erskineville Rd over people riding bicycles contravenes the NSW Gov Policy to prioritise active transport over private motor vehicle transport. People believe the bicycle light doesn't work after they experience the traffic signals going through a couple of cycles without displaying a green bicycle light. They get frustrated and may ride across at a time that seems safe, potentially endangering themselves.
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    Created by John Caley
  • Make Pokies Safer in Tasmania
    The Tasmanian government is legislating to change poker machine licensing and taxation - and the proposed laws aren’t looking good at all. Unless we speak up and put pressure on the government, this will mean special low tax rules just for casinos, consolidating power and ownership of pokies into a handful of big business at the cost of local pubs, failure to add any extra protections, and no measures to get decent financial return for our state. The Tasmanian government is throwing away the opportunity to responsibly regulate an addictive product and get the best outcomes for our community. Here are some facts about Tasmanian pokies: - Tasmanians lose around $500,000 every day to pokie machines - Currently, people can lose up to $600 per hour! - Australia has more pokie machines per capita than any other country in the world! - Australia has extremely weak consumer protection in place for pokie machines compared to the rest of the world - Australia has higher intensity machines, which means we have far higher losses and more pokies addiction than other countries No other country in the world puts high-intensity poker machines outside casinos or destination gambling venues. Currently, our pokies don’t have the normal, effective, evidence-based consumer protection and harm minimisation measures that are used in other countries. Thousands of Tasmanians are unnecessarily becoming addicted to pokies and experiencing devastating financial harm to provide the industry with super-profits. Poker machine reform NEEDS to focus on protecting Tasmanians and making poker machines safer for people to use. Sign the petition to demand the Tasmanian government protects consumers and makes poker machines safer.
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    Created by Grassroots Action Network Tasmania
  • Remove sugar filled toxic “foods” from Palm Beach tuck shop and bring back allergy friendly options
    Our children’s developing minds and bodies are something to be nourished and nurtured. By riddling their bodies with sugar, additives, preservatives and colourings is EXTREMELY detrimental to their ability to learn and concentrate. This is backed by years of scientific literature showing the behavioural developmental delays and outbursts that these additives do to our children. Sugar is more addictive then illicit drugs and causes immense destruction to growing bodies and brains. A treat every now and then is a wonderful part of life but it’s wildly concerning for a learning environment to offer and suggest these “foods” as appropriate for consumption every single day to children as young as 4 years old. Our school is our main community and something we should be so proud of and always were. This new change is extremely disappointing and terribly concerning. The consent to our children consuming these junk items daily causing behavioural and physical issues in or children is not something we give! We are asking for the removal of these known detrimental junk items from the school menu and to include more allergy friendly and wholesome food - just like the previous menu options provided.
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    Created by Paris Lucas
  • Say NO to Dan Murphy's, Junction Square Wodonga
    The residents and ratepayers of Wodonga Council draw to the attention of the Council, Planning Application 73/2021 for a Dan Murphy’s Bottle Shop on the corner of Elgin Boulevard and Smythe Street Wodonga. We therefore request that in response to community concerns that Council requests Development Victoria withdraw its consent for the Dan Murphy’s planning application located at the Junction Place development in Wodonga. If unsuccessful, we call on Wodonga Council to reject the planning application on the grounds that it undermines the strategic planning intent and community support for creating a City Heart in Wodonga’s CBA. Wodonga is in a unique position of being able to recreate the heart of its city centre. We need to ensure that this development reflects the values of community now and for future generations. A business such as Dan Murphy’s does not reflect the values of the community in wanting to create a space for families to connect and enjoy all that our community is building. The community supports a city heart that creates a sense of belonging and inclusiveness. One that is safe and welcoming for all ages, one that brings people together. The contact person for this petition is Bobbi McKibbin of 2 Hallawell Cres Wodonga.
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    Created by Bobbi McKibbin
  • Mental Health Long Weekends during online schooling
    I am sure so many children doing online school right now would agree a 3 day weekend would be good all year round but I think it is possible whilst doing online school. On the 2nd of August, there was the highest number of calls made to the lifeline support in 58 years of 3 345 calls. Especially through these rough times, people deserve a break and maybe even adults would need a 3 day weekend during these times too.
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    Created by Chelsea Wright